Period pants.

All products have been purchased myself and all opinions are my own. This post does contain some affiliate links. Let’s talk about period pants! If you have periods or know someone who does or will at some point, this one is for you. So I’m obsessed with period pants, they are my product of choice... Continue Reading →

Introducing Saint Rule

Saint Rule is a brand new lingerie company out of Sydney. That isn’t a sentence I get to say a lot and I’m overly excited about it. Australia is a big country with a small population. For some unknown reason, Australians seem to really love Lingerie. Slowly but surely brands are appearing locally to quench... Continue Reading →

Lingerie Christmas gift guide 2018

If you are like me you’re surprised that Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you are buying something for your best friend, your lover or even your secret santa these are the items that will go down a treat. Accessible Not everyone is made of money but these lingerie related items will leave a... Continue Reading →

10 ways to style a slip

I read an article recently about how the sale of slip dresses has been dramatically declining in the last few years. Many reasons can contribute to declining sales. Wearing a slip under your dress for modesty is an outdated concept. Most dresses these days are deigned to show as much skin as possible. Another reason... Continue Reading →

B.PRIVE, an introduction

Have you been searching for the perfect fitting bra? The answer is probably yes even if you don’t think you have. Most people seem to find bras uncomfortable, and I can understand why. Wires digging in, straps too short, band too big so you don’t actually have any support and the dreaded quad boob! These... Continue Reading →

Elle Macpherson Body Zest Review

Since Elle Macpherson body launched in August there has been a lot of improvements in the styles available. My first impressions of the range weren’t fantastic, mostly the colours weren’t to my taste. Now I see colours they have introduced that haven’t been used much in lingerie before, and I must admit it’s intriguing. Elle... Continue Reading →

My Hopeless devotion.

  If you haven't heard of Hopeless Lingerie before than you're definitely missing out. Hopeless has gained somewhat of a cult following worldwide, something most independent designers could only dream of. There is a reason many people are screaming their praises, many reasons in fact. It's one of the few labels making lingerie that ticks nearly... Continue Reading →

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