Lingerie Christmas gift guide 2018

If you are like me you’re surprised that Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you are buying something for your best friend, your lover or even your secret santa these are the items that will go down a treat.


Not everyone is made of money but these lingerie related items will leave a lasting impression.

Lovehoney holiday calendar

A lingerie advent calendar is the perfect gift if you are looking for something a little bit fun. Open them all at once or enjoy the experience of opening one every night and trying out the fun things inside. It is a one size fits all scenario but it comes in a core size calendar and a curve. If lingerie isn’t your thing (what are you doing here???) there is also a toy calendar for the more adventurous.

In intimate detail

If the person you are buying for is anything like myself , they love lingerie and anything to do with it. What better gift than the gift of knowledge in the form of a book all about lingerie!

Slip silk eye mask

For the person who has everything. Even if they already have an eye mask, they’ll thank you for getting them this one. It’s made from 100% silk and the inside padding is also silk. Trust me when I say that this is an everyday (night) luxury that everyone needs.

The Nylon Swish stocking bags

These little bags are the perfect stocking filler. Storage solutions for your stocking lover have never looked so good.

Mid range

These are gifts that pack a punch. Wearable lingerie that we never knew we needed.

Dottie’s Delights Sheer Robe

A sheer robe is the perfect present to give, sizing is realitively easy and it’s something that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself. It’s not a need but definitely a want. Make sure you text from the ready to shop section.

Saint rule rhapsody set

With a cut so vintage it’s modern, this set is a show stopper and extremely wearable.

Fleur of England Antoinette set

Nothing beats a 3 piece set. With a combination of silk and lace, it’s truly a luxurious treat.

Gift cards

I’m going to say this once, it’s ok to buy someone a gift card. Whatever the amount it doesn’t matter just make sure it’s a company that they will like. A few of my personal favourites are babylikestopony, porteavie, Playful Promises and Trashy Diva lingerie.


For the person who has everything but could always do with something a little extra.

Harlow and Fox Evelyn velvet robe

You may miss Christmas with this made to order robe but I’m sure the recipient won’t mind when this turns up a week or two late. Silk and viscose velvet, lined in a heavy silk, your special someone will feel like royalty is this sumptuous robe.

Bordelle adjustable Angela dress

They may be adjustable now but they still only come in small medium and large. It’s one of the most iconic styles in lingerie history and if your giftee is a bordelle or luxury lingerie fan, this is sure to delight on Christmas night.

Rosamosario long robe

Go big or go home with this robe fit for a princess. Made in Milan by in house artisans, each piece is made for the individual. Allow two weeks for these masterpieces to make their way under the Christmas tree.

Nervous about buying someone lingerie? Follow these tips to make sure everyone will be happy Christmas morning.

1. Check their size by looking at some of their most worn and loved bras.

2. What is their style? If they wear all black probably stick to that colour…

3. Check the returns policy of the brand/store/website before purchasing.

4. If you are still unsure about the sizing a good thing to do is book an appointment with a lingerie boutique they like and make a day of it together.

Happy shopping and merry Christmas!

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