Elle Macpherson Body Zest Review

Since Elle Macpherson body launched in August there has been a lot of improvements in the styles available. My first impressions of the range weren’t fantastic, mostly the colours weren’t to my taste. Now I see colours they have introduced that haven’t been used much in lingerie before, and I must admit it’s intriguing.

Elle Macpherson Body has kindly sent me the Zest set in the colour shell. The bra is the balconette underwire bra in a 30E and bikini brief in a size small. I did initially try this style in black when it was first launched, but the 30E was far too small. But in the shell it’s quite a good fit for me. Sometimes I find in clothing and lingerie, you can have the same style in multiple colours but the black will always come up a little bit smaller due to the dye process.

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The Zest bra is called a balconette, however I would not consider it a true balconette. The general shape is what widely is considered a balconette bra but here the shoulder straps are not connected with the lower half of the cup. The neckline sits somewhere between a plunge and a balconette, it has good coverage and is less revealing than both of those styles in their traditional sense. The cup is made up of 3 parts and has the additional side sling for extra support and projection. The straps on this bra are only partially adjustable, just like the Dash bra I have from this range. It seems to work fairly well for me but I know that some people prefer their bra straps to be fully adjustable. The part of the straps that are adjustable are in a contrasting sage green colour. Even then, part of the straps are purely for decoration as an additional wing of lace is added between the strap and bra band. So the total difference between the shortest and longest length is only 5 cm. The strap width is also on the thin side of what I’m used to wearing. Normally this width would cause a problem for me as I find they can dig in to my shoulders. Surprisingly they don’t dig in at all even after a full days wear. The comfort is due to the elastic being plush on the inside while the top has a smooth satin finish, and that the band actually does its job. This is the firmest 30 band I have come across! I’m hoping that means this bra will have a long life and not stretch out after a few wears. I would say this bra fits more like a 28/29 band which is fantastic news for women looking to find small back sizes that are easily accessible.

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The bra itself is made of a beautiful stretch lace backed with a soft mesh. The bra band is partially lined in a double layer of a more durable mesh. The wires are placed perfectly for me and they don’t dig into my armpits. The gore tacks firmly but not so much so that it hurts, it just feels very secure on!

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Up close with the inside of the bra.

I do have a bit of over spill on my bigger boob but not so much so that its noticeable. The stretch lace helps accommodate my fluctuating boobs but I do feel that the top edge of the cup is slightly closed off so this may be an issue if you are FOT. All the hardware is in a rose gold tone which just happens to be my all-time favourite! The bra closes with 2 rows and 3 columns of hook and eyes. The bra also features a little grey tassel on the gore. I find this a very sweet touch and I much prefer this to the traditional bow. I really love the contrast of colours on the small aspects of the bra, it keeps with the pastel theme but gives it a sophisticated spin.

There isn’t much to say about the knickers. The small equates to an Australian size 8 to 10. They are made of the same stretch lace which gives them a near seamless appearance under clothes. I would consider them a low-rise style which I normally try to avoid but this style doesn’t cut into my wide hips like other brands do.

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The briefs retail for $34.95 and the Bra $59.95. I personally find the products to be well priced considering the quality of materials used and that they launched with a more inclusive size range. If you walk into David Jones or Myer right now, Elle is the most affordable brand doing a selection of fuller bust sizes in fashion styles.

I’m looking forward to the launch of the Elle Macpherson Body website website but I feel like my credit card won’t be…

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