B.PRIVE, an introduction

Have you been searching for the perfect fitting bra? The answer is probably yes even if you don’t think you have. Most people seem to find bras uncomfortable, and I can understand why. Wires digging in, straps too short, band too big so you don’t actually have any support and the dreaded quad boob! These are just a few common issues with a poorly fitting bra. Well there is a way to solve those issues and that is to get fitted correctly. Even after getting fitted correctly it can feel impossible to find a bra that fits well, that’s comfortable and is beautiful all within your chosen department store or boutique. That is where B.Prive comes to the rescue!

I was lucky enough to be invited to a private viewing of the debut collection for B.Prive. The brains behind this ambitious project, Margot, invited me over so I could find out more about this innovative brand.

So what is B.Prive? It’s a lingerie company making beautiful bras in a factory setting that are then custom altered to your fit requirements here in Australia. It was founded because Margot believed there was a gap in the market. It’s easy to find pretty bras, you can find comfortable bras and sometimes you can find bras in your size. Rarely are all three of these needs met in the one bra.  At this stage they are running a pop up fitting office in Sydney where you are able to be measured and try on a fitting sample once you have placed your order on the B.Prive website. This is where they can adjust the strap placement, wire width and so on. No adjustments can be made to the moulded cup itself. Right now this is limited to Sydney area but there are plans to have pop ups open in other major cities in Australia, and eventually overseas. I tend to think of this process as a modern version to the spirella corsetiere.

The cups are lined with papaya satin, one of the luxe details of B.Prive bras.

For a new company they have quite an impressive starting size range which you can see here. I’ve tried on the sample bras and I can tell you that in the short time I was wearing them, they felt amazing, fitted well and looked pretty darn good. Available on the website now for pre-order is the basis of their core collection. The long-line Corsetti in dusty pink or black, Demi Bra in black or pink lace and the spotted tulle demi bra in black or golden taupe. All of these bra styles have coordinating bottoms that won’t break the bank. They range from $25 for the mesh styles and $35 for the lace. The bras themselves range from $79 up to $149. I would place this in the ‘Reacher’ market. As in it’s a little bit of a stretch compared to the bulk of the RTW lingerie market but it’s not anywhere near the luxury or custom-made end. It finds a nice middle ground and uses the best of RTW (immediate gratification) and Couture Lingerie (made to fit you and luxury materials).

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Only the best materials are used like this spotted tulle mesh.


If you hate bra shopping then B.Prive is for you. Once you have had your measurements taken they are saved to your profile at B.Prive for use of only you and your future bra purchases. They plan to have a high rotation of fashion styles so it’s as easy as adding the items to your shopping cart, paying and picking up from your mail box in less than a week’s time. One of the downsides to this company is that they are only making moulded cup bras. It personal preference really, but I don’t love to wear a moulded cup all the time.  The main reason for that is moulded cups are the hardest fit to get right. Hopefully with the custom fit this may change my mind about them!

To help with fluctuating size during the month and uneven breast tissue, each bra comes with a set of micro bead pads that you can insert into the bra. They come in 3 different sizes depending if you are wanting them to boost your cleavage or just giving a helping hand to your smaller boob.


If you are looking for an alternative to RTW lingerie, I urge you to go check out B.Prive.  They even offer a one month refund if you find the custom fit bra uncomfortable. So what do you have to lose? They even have a launch discount code available to use on bras. This only lasts while products are on pre-order. I myself am off to order a new bra so hopefully I will have a review out for you later in the year.


Happy shopping!

E x

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