Period pants.

All products have been purchased myself and all opinions are my own. This post does contain some affiliate links.

Let’s talk about period pants! If you have periods or know someone who does or will at some point, this one is for you.

So I’m obsessed with period pants, they are my product of choice to stop blood running down my legs once a month. Some other options incase you are unaware are pads, tampons, liners, re usable pads and moon cups.

Modibodi sensual high waist bikini, Modibodi classic bikini, Modibodi Sensual high waist bikini and finally the Thinx hip hugger thong.

So why are they my product of choice?

Well for me, I find them the easiest to use, the most comfortable and slightly more eco friendly then Traditional period products such as tampons and pads. For me when I was working in retail I found them particularly useful. Every time I needed to change my tampon I’d get stuck with a customer and end up bleeding through. Not fun. But when I discovered period pants it was a huge relief knowing I wouldn’t have to go through that trauma every time I had my period at work.

I think they are a great option for teenagers who are just starting to get their periods, I know tampons can seems quite daunting and pads just feel so bulky and foreign. They are becoming more widely available, you’ll even see them on your supermarket shelves these days. 2 years ago you would have never dreamed of it. So as they are rising in popularity, more products and coming into the market. Hopefully this little guide can help you decide which ones you’d like to try.

Today I’ve got 4 brands to show you and share my thoughts on.

Love Luna

First up is the first pair I ever tried. These ones are from a brand called love Luna period brief and I came across them at my local Woolworths. I’d been wanting to try period briefs after failed attempts with the moon cup and wanting to move away from disposables. They are realitivly cheap, $10-$15 AUD depending if they are on special or not. They come in 3 styles, low, mid and full brief and they hold up to 20mls or the equivalent or 3-4 tampons worth. They come in Australian size 8 to 22 and just in one colour, black.


Modibodi is a stand out brand in this area. I was put off trying them for awhile because of the higher price point and having to buy them online at the time. It was the best decision I made when I finally purchased them, these are the pants that convinced me that period pants were the way to go.

So they have an absolutely massive range. They have ones for sweat, maternity, pee and of course period. Their size range is from Australian size 6-26 or xxs -6xl. They have Bikini style briefs, full briefs, boy shorts, thongs, seam free and my favourite type, the sensual. They also have different level of absorbsbcey from light to heavy/ overnight. Also they have a lot of colours so if you want to add a little brightness and fun to your period pants wardrobe. There are so many options but my favourites have been the sensual high waisted brief in the overnight absorbency and the classic brief with moderate absorbency. The briefs are so comfortable, they are made from bamboo and spandex. The gussets liner (the absorbent parts) are made from merino, spandex and polyester. They also have a vegan range for anyone looking for that but I haven’t tried that style myself. The over night styles hold up to 20mls or 3-4 tampons worth of blood and the prices range from $25-$35 AUD per pair but they do do bundle packs at a discount.


So Thinx is an America brand and it’s the most expensive on this list. Price ranges from $35-$70 AUD. They have a lot of different products from thongs to shorts and absorbency from 4.5 mls up to 36mls. Size range is xxs-3xl. Thinx used to exclusively sell direct to consumer but in the last few years the have expanded and now sell their products globally through stockists. It’s now sold in some David Jones stores in Australia and is available on ASOS which is wear I got mine. In the uk it looks like they are available in most boots.

Their products are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®️ and vegan as well, so good for the conscious shopper.


So Tom organics started of as a sanitary brand selling pads and tampons. They are the ones I’ve used as long as I can remember and I still use their tampons to this day. They have just launched a menstrual cup and now the period brief. They only have one style and it comes only in black. Size range is from xxs-3xl or the equivalent of Australian 6-20. They are only $15 but they only hold 2 tampons worth of blood so better suited on lighter days or combined wear with tampons as backup. The body of the product is made with organic cotton and elastane, the absorbency layer with 85% regular cotton and 15% polyester and then an additional leak proof layer. They also came in plastic free packing so that’s a win in my book.

But how are they to wear?

Not exactly flattering or comfortable, this is the size Large.

So it’s pretty much you get what you pay for. The Tom organic period pants I really wanted to love but I just don’t. I find the seam on the legs really firm and cuts in massively. I’m wearing a size large in them but I think I’d like to try the XL just to see if it would make much difference. They also feel quite bulky. I love the fact that the body of the pants is made from organic cotton but I just can’t get past how uncomfortable and awkward I found them.

Luna period pants holding up reasonably well after a few years.

Love Luna is ok but they still have that bulky feel to them. These ones are from when I was slimmer so they are a size 10-12. I’d need the next size up now. I do find I leak through these ones. Perhaps they have updated the product since I purchased these ones as the website does state they have a leak proof layer. I think both the Luna and Tom products are a good entry level product if you wanted to try period pants for the first time without investing a lot of money. Also great that they are both stocked in supermarkets in Australia, great when your period strikes and need an emergency pair.

Wearing Thinx lightest absorbency option the thong and the heaviest, the overnight brief both in size medium.

I really like the Thinx products and I’m glad I do, I’d be pissed if I spent $100 on two period pants and they were crap. They are super comfortable to wear, I haven’t leaked through and the fabric is nice and smooth so it doesn’t stand out too much under clothing. After washing the overnight pair, the absorbency layer felt slightly out of place but with a few adjustments it was back to normal. One main difference with this brand is that the gusset and absorbency layer is like a ribbed texture in the pairs I tried and not completely flat like the others. I thought this was a really cool detail as I think it helps the blood absorb faster.

Top images size 12 classic bikini medium absorption, bottom images size 14 sensual bikini medium absorption.

Period pants from Modibodi are by far my favourite. They are just so comfortable to wear, they don’t cut in anywhere and I love the broad range of products. I have worn and washed them more times than I can count and they still look good. The one slight issue I have with them is that sometimes I can leak through at the seams at the gusset, like the absorbency layer and leakproof layer aren’t sewn into the gusset seams completely. Like the layers are floating there. This only happens when my period is very heavy and have only noticed it a few times at night. It doesn’t leak anywhere but can stain the outer fabric of the undies.

So how do you take care of you period pants?

The best way to wash you period pants is to rinse them after use then put them in the washing machine. Don’t use bleach or softener and don’t tumble dry! I usually just rinse mine when I have a shower that way it’s easy and quick. Now, unfortunately period pants don’t last forever. You will need to replace after a few months/years depending on how often you use them and how many you have. While they are still better than using disposable sanitary items, they are not perfect.

As someone who has suffered through really painful periods I have found period pants a life saver. Sometimes cramps are just too bad to be inserting anything.

Have you tried period pants, and if so what are your thoughts?

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I have a 16 yo with Down Syndrome and this will be wonderful for her, for when she is not home and has some difficulty changing pads.


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