My Hopeless devotion.


If you haven’t heard of Hopeless Lingerie before than you’re definitely missing out. Hopeless has gained somewhat of a cult following worldwide, something most independent designers could only dream of. There is a reason many people are screaming their praises, many reasons in fact. It’s one of the few labels making lingerie that ticks nearly every box.

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The back of the über cool Dionne Knickers.

When I shop for lingerie I look at price, quality, how ethical the brand is and fit. I also ask myself if it’s different to what’s on the market? Does it look good? Will it work well with my clothes? Am I going to wear it more than once? Last but not least, is it convenient for me to purchase? It’s a lot of things to consider and many brands don’t make it past 3 ticked boxes. For me hopeless ticks almost all the boxes. It’s handmade in Melbourne so it ticks the ethical box. The price is fantastic seeing as each item is made in Australia, from that alone I would expect the prices to be double like most independent brands. It is very different to what’s on the market up until recently when their designs were copied. Hopeless is not one to follow the crowd, they set the trends. I find their undies über comfortable and the fit is always spot on thanks to their detailed size charts and recommendations. Hopeless lingerie is easy to care for and has lasted many washes and wears. This lingerie is deigned to work under your everyday clothes but also the design is there that if you wanted to show it, it leaves an impression on whoever sees it.

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The back of the Alex top from the Classics collection. The quality of the sewing is always impeccable.

There is a wait time between ordering and when the lingerie will be in your hands. On average it’s 6 weeks but sometimes it feels like more! I personally don’t have an issue with waiting, it builds the anticipation to the level of a 5-year-old on Christmas Day. If you hate Christmas then you can purchase a select few items from The Passionfruit Shop in Melbourne or on their website! My only disappointment when it comes to this brand is the bras. As much as I like them aesthetically, the practicality of them gives me the shits sometimes. I find the halter style bras unhooks itself at the neck during the day. It’s not the worst thing in the world but it is annoying. I’m not sure why this happens, perhaps the weight of my boobs is not great for that design. It might be due to the type of hardware that is used. Most of the designs I have from Hopeless use a swan hook in the bras and harnesses. I haven’t really had a problem with a swan hook before but the ones hopeless use are very thin so don’t grip the elastic as well. They are very comfortable and not bulky at all under clothing but I find it compromises the wearability of some items. Also I would love to see them introduce wired bras. I know they are a whole different level of expense and difficulty to produce but this is always the reason I hold back from buying more. I love to have matching sets and with hopeless it’s easy to mix and match. I would defiantly buy more from them if they had the option of an underwire black mesh bra that would go with all the mesh undies in the range.

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The swan hooks that are used.

They have quite an extensive size range XXS-XXL and if you want something made to your exact measurements they do offer that service at an additional price. I’ve done this before for a bralette and it did make an improvement on the wearability of it, but for me, it can’t replace wearing an underwire bra. It’s nice to have the option, but there sometimes is a reason why items aren’t made in all sizes.

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For me, Hopeless is all about the undies.


I do have a favourite out of the Hopeless items I own and its may surprise you. It’s the Sabrina thong in bamboo. Words can’t adequately describe how comfortable this thong is! It goes past forgetting that I’m wearing anything at all. I could never forget I’m wearing the Sabrina thong because I have never had undies (especially a thong) that comfortable! There is a reason that they are available in a 3 pack, because once you’ve tried it you’ll want more! At $38 AUD each, it isn’t an unreasonable price to pay for a little slice of comfort. Or save yourself a few dollars and get the 3 pack at $105 AUD. If thongs aren’t your thing, go check out the rest of the range as there is something for everyone. High rise, low-rise, full coverage, cutouts, harness knickers, prints, colours, mesh and sometimes lace.

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High rise, high cut. 


What do you think of Hopeless? Have you purchased from them before? If not what holds you back? Let me know in the comments!


E. x

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