We Are Silent Arrow Girl You Rock Hi Waisted Knickers

I’ll forgive you if you haven’t heard of this brand before. It’s fairly new on the lingerie scene, only launching late 2016. I know a lot of people are wary of new brands, but the woman behind this label has many years experience in the industry.

Silent Arrow is a Melbourne based company that is focusing on the core size market. Unfortunately for me, I’m sized out of the bras. I’m a bit sad about this as the designs are pretty cool and completely affordable. But there are still the amazing undies and a super cool bodysuit that I’m seriously considering. Generally the sizes run from an Australian 8-14 with the occasional 16, s/m/l and then a few core bra sizes.

The Flawless Bra. $48 AUD


Kelly, the creator of We Are Silent Arrow, sent me the Girl You Rock undies as a gift. All opinions are my own and as usual, I’m 100% honest.


So what’s the fuss about this company I hear you asking? First of all, I love the name of these undies. In fact all items in the collection have amazing feel good names. I mean who won’t want to wear a bra that is legit called Hot AF? Second, every item purchased from them, they gift a pair of undies to women in need. Third, I love to support home-grown designers.  It’s so rare to find a new company start off with wired bras so I’m very excited about this! I can count on my hand how many Australian brands are working with wired bras so it really sets them apart.


Girl You Rock Undies I received in a size 10 and they are a perfect fit. I was unsure what size to go for at first because as always I sit right in-between an 8 and a 10. With these undies in particular I could have gone either way as they are very soft and stretchy.  They are made from the softest and lightest microfiber and mesh that you forget that you are wearing them. They are perfect for wearing under tight clothing as they don’t show a panty line like most briefs do. I was slightly concerned about the cut out feature on the hips. I usual try avoid this style as I’m a bit funny about my hips. I was totally surprised that these undies are super flattering and don’t create any weird bulges like I was expecting.

This style is classified as high-waisted, but personally I would call it a mid-rise brief unless you have a particularly short torso.The back of these briefs are quite full. The use of the sheer mesh helps bring down the granny factor that full briefs can be associated with. Trust me, there isn’t anything granny about these. The gusset is a good width, it’s not too wide like some other full briefs I own.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
The back of these undies are made of a very soft sheer mesh.

They great thing about this collection is that you can mix and match easily to create your perfect set. Also they have the perfect T-shirt in their collection to show of the amazing bra that you are wearing. I’m always saying lingering designers should create a sympathetic capsule clothing collection so we can show off the lingerie as it was intended to be!

These undies will only set you back $24 AUD. You read that correctly. For only $24 one of the most comfortable undies can be yours. I’m hard pressed to think of any undies that comfortable at that price. Do yourself and your bum a favour and go check them out.


Happy shopping.


E. x

5 thoughts on “We Are Silent Arrow Girl You Rock Hi Waisted Knickers

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  1. Yes! I am so happy with Silent Arrow’s designs & what they stand for as a company. (And their prices!!! Omg!)
    I am very sad that I can’t purchase anything from them tho since I’m sized out from their range.
    In saying that – This is a company that I want to support & see succeed.
    I think their decision to create 2 bras to accommodate up to a G cup is a genius idea & cannot wait to see what the designs will look like. 🖤

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  2. Hey my love, thanks so much for this review! Agree the rise is a little low, the others are higher, promise. I have also noticed that small independents don’t do wired styles, it is definitely easier to start that way, but I have been doing wired bras for 15 years, it would be weird to leave them out and most women want them. Our up to G cup will be out soon! Kelly xxx


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