Evgenia starlet lingerie set; A review.

This set was purchased with my own money. This blog post does not contain any affiliate links and all opinions are my own.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with Evgenia lingerie. It was one of the first lingerie brands I ever followed when I started my instagram page. The collections were so dreamy, the aesthetic so on point. I’ve been dying to try something, anything from this brand for so long! I finally managed to scrape together enough $$$ for a full set and here are my thoughts….

First of all, this lingerie is very expensive. It’s not helped that I am in Australia and that the USD to AUD conversion is absolutely terrible.

Also not helping is that I wanted the full set. The bralette is $159, thong $124, Waspie $360 and petal skirt $341 USD. So nearly $1000 USD for a set. There is also a 5th product in this range which is the starlit teddy, its absolutely stunning.

I enquired about custom sizing for the bralette as the sizes for all products are the standard XS-L. I was very lucky and was able to have the bralette custom made in my size. It’s important to note that it is custom sizing only, the design is exactly the same as the standard size range. The waspie, thong and skirt I ordered in the standard size medium. It took a couple of weeks to make as each item is made to order. When it arrived each item came individually wrapped in tissue paper along with the most recent catalog and campaign images. I was so excited to open everything up but I was extra careful, knowing how delicate everything was.

Honestly, seeing this lingerie in person for the first time was breathtaking. The lightness, the details and the seamless finishing had me in awe. I was actually afraid to try this set on, it looked too perfect for it to be real. I tried on the custom bralette only and carefully rewrapped the other items and put them away. I’m happy to say the bralette fit perfectly. It’s not a supportive bralette, it could never be with these materials. But I’m super impressed with how well it works on a larger bust. It still has that whimsical, dainty air to it even though there is a lot more material and coverage. The straps and edging used on it are not particularly thick or plush. I do not find them uncomfortable at all, they are surprisingly soft and smooth.

I tried on all items but the waspie. Unfortunately because it doesn’t have a front busk its quite a lot harder to get on. It takes a lot of patience to loosen the laces, slide it over your head and lace it back down. I had a helping hand from a friend when I did finally try it on. A busk would ruin the aesthetic of the waspie so I totally understand why its not part of the design but it is something to think about if you have limited mobility or are crazy impatient like myself.

The waspie comes with 4 detachable suspender straps as well so you can choose to wear it with stockings or without. It also gives you the option for wearing the waspie as outerwear in place of a belt over a dress.

I’m very surprise to find my favourite part of this set is actually the skirt! I nearly didn’t order it as I thought I wouldn’t wear it much. Turns out I love it. I think perhaps because there is more of the fabric which I absolutely adore. I’m all about the extras when it comes to a lingerie set be it a robe, harness, choker or in this case, a skirt. I think it just gives it a more complete look.

I would definitely say hand wash only these items and I make sure I do them seperate. Nothing worse than a stray hook snagging the material. It’s definitely not an everyday set but it’s a set you will treasure forever.

The quality on this set is just outstanding and it really has spoilt me, other lingerie just doesn’t seem as good anymore. I’m currently planning on purchasing from two other collections from Evgenia Lingerie. I’m completely obsessed and slightly annoyed at waiting so long to try! I can happily say this is the best money I’ve spent on lingerie in a long time.

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  1. Wow, so Stunning!!

    My second fav of yours now.

    Lucky you. Well done. I adore the skirt too. Completes it beautifully 😍

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