Adina Reay Fran review.

It’s been slowly coming around for awhile, but there are now options for luxury lingerie for the fuller bust customer. Adina reay is one of these brands that focusing on the luxury fuller bust market and currently serves the dd_G 28-38 customers. It doesn’t cover the entire fullerbust range as that would be huge, but it’s a very good start.

I ordered the Fran set in red. The bra in a 28FF initially and the suspender briefs in a small. When it arrived it was clear that the 28FF was far too small so I exchange it for a 28G. The process to exchange is fairly simple. You just email Adina Reay and they send through the document for the courier pick up. You do have to call the courier company to arrange the pick up, for me this was really hard. I struggle with calling people, it gives me huge anxiety I literally put it off for a month because it gave me so much stress. It would have been great if their was an online option.

The knickers are so comfortable to wear! The mesh is super soft against the skin even with all the vertical detail panels. I’m surprised how well they held up stockings. I wore this set for 6hrs walking around and sitting and they stayed in place no worries. If you are on the smaller side of your size measurements it may not be the same. I’m on the upper end of small so it worked for me. My one major concern if you would wear these knickers with the suspenders all the time is how well the fabric would hold up to the constant pull of the stockings. The fabric warped a little when I wore them for 6 hrs, I’m not sure how much more they would warp if worn regularly.

The bra feels beautiful on but it doesn’t feel super secure. It’s made from the same really soft mesh which feels beautiful against the skin. I’d heard that this style ran big that’s why I initially ordered the 28FF. I can confirm it does run big in the band but only because of the materials used in construction. So I’ve had this set for awhile and I’m finally reviewing it. The main reason for the delay is because at first I didn’t like this set on me. But slowly I’ve noticed I’ve been reaching for this set to wear. It’s perfect for those lazy days when you want comfort, nothing to delicate or fussy and more support than a bralette. It’s definitely not one of the most supportive bras I own but it’s definitely one of the most comfortable.

My only regret with this purchase is that I didn’t get a 3 piece set. I like the suspender knickers but I find I wear them only as normal knickers without the stockings. They always seem like a good idea but never actually end up being used as much. This set doesn’t actually come with a matching suspender which explains why I went with the suspender knickers all those months ago.

All in all I’d say I like this set but I don’t love it. The bra band isn’t firm enough for my liking and doesn’t give as much support as I would like. The suspender knickers are ok. I’d much prefer a separate suspender and normal knickers, preferably seamless. I think its a good brand but next time I think ill try a product that perhaps has more structure and support to it and hopefully a 3 piece set.

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