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Attollo is a relatively new brand coming out of London. It was created because the founders themselves couldn’t find bras in their size that they wanted to wear. I know the feeling…

Their aim is to give the fuller bust customer beautiful, uplifting affordable lingerie that you actually want to wear. So do I think they have achieved this? In short, yes but ill give you all the details below.

I was gifted the Gigi High waisted knickers in a size 8-10 and the Emelie Longline bra in a 28GG. The set retails for £63 or $110 AUD which may not sound very affordable but for a fuller bust bra made in Europe, it really is priced well. They have bra sizes 28-36 DD-HH and knickers XS-XL.

It’s important to note that Attollo does not use standard sizing. Generally you need to go up a cup size from your normal uk size. The best thing about Attollo is that they have one of the most comprehensive, easy to understand fit guides I’ve ever come across. They have their own fit calculator, they have even included different breast shapes you can combine that with your measurements to make sure you are getting the best size. If that wasn’t enough, if you aren’t lucky enough to go into London for your personal fit session it’s possible to make a FaceTime appointment and you can get fitted from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a measuring tape.

I did a FaceTime session with one of the founders of the company to determine my size. Working out a time to do it was the most difficult part about it. The time difference between London and Sydney is 11hrs so 9am London time and 7pm Sydney time seems to work the best. After discussing what sizes I wear in other brands we came to the conclusion that a 28GG would be the best fit. I rember thinking that it sounds huge! I was slightly sceptical of how well it would fit but I put my trust that they knew best. The package arrived in a week which is amazing. Usually anything sent from overseas, even if it’s express, takes more than a week.

I was super excited to try on this set, its so hard to find a good longline bra in the fuller bust size range. When first trying it on I was amazed by the quality and how cohesive it was. Sometimes with new brands, the design can be great but perhaps they haven’t found their longtime suppliers some elements can seem off. This isn’t the case with Attollo, it looks and feels like its one of the big, established companies.

The long line bra has 5 rows of hook and eyes which is the perfect length for a longline that is an everyday bra. The bra is mostly made up of a stretch lace with a medium stretch mesh on the inside. There are two vertical seams on each cup, yes they leave a mark at the end of a full day wearing the bra but I haven’t found them itchy or noticeable. One of my favourite design elements is the satin band, It is so comfortable!!!! I think this is my favourite bra now because the band is perfectly firm on my ribs, without digging in or rolling up. The straps on this bra are the thinnest I’ve seen on a fuller bust bra and while this may have been a concern for me at first, because the band actually fits me, I don’t have a lot of weight on the straps to begin with. At first I thought this bra was made for really tall people, the straps are fully adjustable but the longest I’ve ever seen. I soon realised they are that long because you can wear them crossed over. Ive seen people wearing them crossed over the front but I’ve only tried them crossed at the back.

The high waisted Gigi underwear looks amazing on and it is one of my favourite styles. The only problem for me is that there is a seam in the centre of the gusset. I don’t find it too noticeable but if I’m wearing these knickers all day I will start to feel it by the end. Just something to consider if you are particularly sensitive. Apart from that I love the style and that they are the perfect hight to wear with my jeans. The lace at the back means they work seamlessly under clothing.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Attollo will release next. I’m very impressed with their bra fit, so much so that the longline is the bra I’m wearing most often. I find its perfect for wearing under my sheer tops, the lace gives it texture without having the solid black mass like a t-shirt bra would. I definitely need more Attollo bras in my life.

Happy bra shopping!

Elly x

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  1. A great review, sounds like a good brand. The fit of the bra looks tailor made for you, almost sprayed on it fits that well. The lace detailing on the knickers looks incredible and it looks so good on you and the pricing isn’t too dear compared to others.


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