Boycotting Victoria’s Secret? Here’s where you need to shop instead.

Victoria Secret what can I say? It used to be a lingerie powerhouse, but now it rotting from the inside out. Their ideas that only slender, white, young women are the only acceptable type of women has rubbed many lingerie enthusiasts up the wrong way. Why put your hard earned money into a company that does not value you? If you live in the USA, I know that Victoria’s Secret stores are convinient but there are a few brands that are doing it better and they are just a click away.

Now pretty much everyone does diversity better than Victoria Secret. If you like big brands, your best bet would be to shop with aerie. If you perhaps want to expand you lingerie horizons, go check out some of these brands.

Bluebella (London, UK)

Strength and modernity, redefining sensuality

Bluebella is a fashion forward accessible lingerie brand out of the UK. Their campaign ‘Be strong, be beautiful’ featured professional athletes and made headlines around the world. Unfortunately there is not a lot of diversity going on in their product shots on their website but hopefully that is something that will change. Their size range is larger than Victoria’s Secret. They start from a 30b-36dd in their core range and 30dd-38G in their fuller bust range. In terms of transitioning from Victoria’s Secret, this would be the easiest brand to do so. They are at a similar price point and so similarish styles. You could get a 3 piece set for around $100 AUD.

La fille d’O (Belgium)

Supports your body whilst empowering your attitude

They use everyday women, they don’t edit photos and have a strong focus on ethical production. They don’t do traditional bra sizing, instead they have 7 sizes that can cover a broad range because of the adjustable design. They are priced a lot higher compared to Victoria’s Secret but the quality is incomparable. They are focused on slow fashion only releasing one collection a year. A set would cost you €250 and upwards.

JBC Lingerie (Melbourne, AUS)

Size does not dictate sex appeal

This is the brand with some of the most inclusive campaign imagery I’ve ever seen in an aspect of fashion, let alone lingerie. Not only that it has an amazing size range for such a realitvely new company. Their size range is 6a-20h but everything is made to order so if you outside their range or need a slight adjustment, it is all possible. They are surprisingly affordable considering everything is made just for you, a 3 piece set would cost you around $180 AUD.

Playful Promises (London, UK)

Flirty and a little bit dirty

Playful Promises is a powerhouse in the lingerie industry. They have 3 size ranges; fuller bust, core and curve. It’s been a leader in size inclusiveness as well as age and gender. I’d say generally they imagery is more alternative and so is their product in comparison to VS. To make it even easier to shop, they have a British website, an American website and they have just launched an Australian website so shipping anywhere in the world is relatively quick and easy. A 3 piece set would cost you $200 AUD.

Uye Surana (New York, USA)

Lingerie as beautiful as it is comfortable

This brand creates Beautiful lingerie made in New York. They offer a wide range of styles, but they specialise in supportive bralettes. They use a diverse cast of models and don’t overly edit them. They have one if the largest size ranges starting from a 28A to a 42H and they do custom sizing! Their vibe is much more forest wood nymph rather than Victoria’s Secret blonde bombshell. A set would set you back $150 USD.

Scantily by Curvy kate (UK)

The new sexy

Curvy kate is specifically targeted at the curvy fuller bust market. Scantily is it’s sexier sister. They have used a diverse cast of models for multiple campaigns beautiful women’s of varying race, ability and in different stages of gender fluidity. They are all about the supportive wired bra that makes you feel sexy for yourself or as they put it , Decadent design, sumptuous charm and uncensored spirit. Their bras starts from a 28D and go up to a 40K and with a few styles up to a 44G. A 3 piece set will cost you £130.

Lonely Lingerie (NZ)

For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves

Physically as far away as you can get, but this brand still manages to make waves around the world. It’s simple, understated and practical. It was one of the first companies to use older models, and their product shots on the website have a strong focus of well fitting and easy lingerie. Lonely girls project is all about showing women around the world wearing Lonely lingerie in their own way. Their designs are very consistent, you know what you are getting with Lonely. Their size range isn’t as big, I would call it an extended core range. The do band sizes 8-16 and cup sizes A-G but not all the sizes within those brackets. A bra and brief will set you back roughly $170 AUD.

All of these brands are quite different from Victoria’s Secret in terms of lingerie style. But do you really want to be wearing a bombshell bra? A bra that is trying to get you to conform to their narrow standards of beauty by creating globular breasts. Embrace the bulge, the sag, the wobble and the scars. They aren’t going anywhere. Choose to shop with brands that respect every type of woman and from brands that realise we buy and wear lingerie for ourselves and not for the male gaze.

Happy Buycotting!

Elly x

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