Parfait by Affinitas Charlotte

So this review is a bit overdue but I thought it may still be useful to some people and hopefully I will be trying the latest colourway of this style soon so I can compare the two! I purchased the dusty pink Charlotte set by Parfait by Affinitas from Large cup lingerie nearly 6 months ago and I have worn it quite a few times so I can give it an extra thorough review!


The bra I purchased in a 28F and the high Waisted brief in a size small.  As some of you may know, I usually sit between a 28F and a 28FF. With this style in this particular colour I should have gone for a 28FF. I can only wear this bra on my smallest of days. I always teeter on the edge of buying the bigger cup size but always chicken out at the last-minute.

Not so flattering view of the back.

The 28F is an OK fit on me. The gore tacks well considering that the cups are quite shallow. The band is a good size 28, it’s not too big and it’s not too small. My main issue with this bra apart from the serious quad boob from being a size too small, is that despite reading a lot of reviews saying this bra was quite tall, I find it the opposite. I am taller than average but not by a lot and I do have a long torso and lower set boobs. So on me I find this bra too short/small on the sides. Contributing to this is also the strap placement.  As a balconette style bra, I expected the straps to sit a tad wider on my shoulders. Perhaps in the smaller sizes the height has been scaled down as we don’t require as much support. Considering its less than perfect fit, it’s still surprisingly comfortable to wear. In fact whenever I can fit into it I find myself wearing it. As I’m writing this I’m thinking I should actually buy the 28FF and see if any of my issues will be fixed by wearing the right size.




The construction of this bra is better than I thought it would be. The straps are fully adjustable which is always a bonus. The moulded cups are made up of 3 parts and the satin side sling really helps give this shallow bra a bit of projection. Even though the cups are moulded, they are quite flexible. So if you aren’t used to wearing moulded cups this might be a good style to try first as its one of those bras that you can forget that you are wearing it. In this size the bra only has 2 rows of hook and eyes. I’d prefer 3 but two seems to do the job well enough. Also the width of the bra straps are ¾ of an inch. Again it’s enough, in the smaller sizes you don’t need more but I would prefer it.


Just a bit of room to move.

The briefs aren’t as well constructed as the bra, but they are still OK value for money. They do run very big in this colour I could have easily gotten a size XS or XXS if they made them in that size. While I do love the vintage vibe of this set with the contrasting black detailing, I find it very unflattering on my behind. I think it makes it look bigger, but not in a good bootylicious way.  In real life the colour is a lot dustier compared to the product shots. In some of the shots it looks like a pale pink but don’t be fooled like I was. One thing I was concerned about was the colours running when washed as it is a fairly cheap set and it’s always a worry when you have the contrast black detailing against a lighter colour. I’m happy to report that no colours ran in the many rounds of washing it has endured.

The briefs are falling apart at the seams.

The bra retails for £33 and high-waisted briefs for £15 . If you purchase them from Large Cup Lingerie then the shipping is free! I think this is a really good price for a set like this considering I can wear it in the wrong size and still find in comfortable and workable. One issue I always have with fuller bust lingerie is that they very rarely manufacture matching suspenders. In this style I really thought they would, considering the whole pin-up vibe. Luckily its easy to mix and match with any black lingerie so my suspender from Coco’s Retro Closet works perfectly with this.


If you are thinking buying this set in this colour I would advise going up in the cup size and down in the high-waisted briefs.


Happy shopping!

E x

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