Luxury loungewear, Emma Harris Lingerie

This item has been gifted by Emma Harris lingerie, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Emma Harris is a brand you may know the name of but cannot place. It’s a luxury lingerie label that flies under the radar. With a small presence on social media and a classic take on lingerie it can be easy to miss in a culture focused on trends and tech development. Emma Harris is focusing on quality materials and luxury finishes. It’s understated, elegant and definitely deserving of some more attention.

The size range is fairly standard for a lingerie brand, I’m sized out technically and I was very sceptical if this robe would fit. Their sizes range from an XS which is a 6-8 up to a XL being an equivalent of 14-16 UK. They do have a bespoke service as well however if a new pattern is required to achieve the perfect fit, this will be at an extra cost. An example given by the designer is that to amend slips to cater for a larger bust ie. a size small with a 32FF bust, the increase to cover the pattern work would be £25. All of the products are made in house and made to order so if you have any questions their in-house technical team will be able to advise on customisation best suited to your needs.

This is the Cleo Kimono in an XL. It retails for £440 and comes in both black and this glorious garnet. This colour is truly amazing in person, it’s the perfect shade for autumn and really conjures up thoughts of luxurious lounging. The colour combination of the Garnet silk an Gold lace have worked effectively to achieve a sense of regal elegance. I honestly can’t say enough about how beautiful this colour is in person, it’s a stand out of the season for me personally.

Deep silk band on the collar.

I find the design of this Kimono robe very interesting. The use of the thick bands of silk on the collar and sleeves add weight and shape to the garment as well as being a nod to the traditional kimono it is styled after. The thick bands also balance out the gold pattern matched lace insert on the sleeves so one isn’t overpowering the other, all elements are well balanced. This is quite a short robe, the images on the website can be misleading as its styled with a longer slip underneath. On me at 5’9 its just covers my bum. It is described as being oversized but on me (someone who is 2-4 inches bigger than what’s recommended on the size chart) it fits fairly standard. If you are within the size range it will have the luxurious feeling of being encompassed by silk. The fabric composition is 97% silk and 3% elastin. So its not 100% silk but this is actually my personal preference as I like my loungewear with a bit of give.

So £440 sounds like a lot of money and it definitely is but you may be surprised to hear that this is actually at the lower end of the scale for price in luxury loungewear. One of the biggest names in Luxury lingerie will sell their robes from £500-£1000 and the quality is average. There are many plain silk robes on the market at around the £400 price point but this one from Emma Harris really is a standout in construction and design.

So how do they have superior quality but still remain at the accessible end of the luxury market? They hold no stock, when an order is placed it is then made in the atelier in England by the team. This means there is no over production and no need to price higher to account for the left over products that then normally would go on sale. Personally I prefer to buy at full price knowing its not going to go on sale in a months time for half the price.

I’m so grateful to have been gifted this by Emma Harris lingerie, it is truly the most beautiful robe I now own and will be something I treasure for years to come. It has been packed into my suitcase for every weekend trip I’ve done since its arrived so that’s saying something in itself. Although this item was gifted, I can definitely see myself purchasing from this brand in the future, both for myself and as a beautiful gift for a loved one.

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