Lara Intimates Clio review

Lara Intimates take two!

So you may have realised that I’ve purchased and reviewed products from this brand before. My first experience from them was good, but didn’t quite meet my extremely high expectations. This time the company has sent me a few products to try out and review and here are my honest as always opinions.

I was sent both the classic briefs and hipster briefs in my regular size 10 and the Clio bralette in a 28G all in the limited edition green. The briefs retail for £20 and the bra for £55.

So to put it simply, I flat out love these products. I’ve been wearing them constantly since they arrived and I’m very glad they sent me two briefs because I like to wear matching sets and there is no chance I’m doing my hand washing everyday. (You can machine wash these in a laundry bag)

The hipster briefs.

So why do I love them? The briefs are so soft against the skin and just a pleasure to wear. I don’t have a bad word to say about them. There isn’t a lot of difference between the two brief styles apart from the classic brief has slightly more butt coverage and a very slightly wider gussset.

The classic brief.

The bralette is pretty much perfect. The sizing on this is more accurate than the previous Ava style I tried. I find this design is better suited to my size. The straps are padded if you are above a DD+ and if you are a G or above there is an internal sling to help with support and projection. My breast are pretty front and centre so I get a little bit of wrinkling around the sling section as I don’t have much tissue there. And at the front there is very slight spillage. This isn’t a problem for me at all but it just gives you an idea of the cup shape and coverage if you are a similar size and positioning as myself. Also important to note that Lara has its own sizing system so make sure you use it before ordering!!!! It’s very straight forward and easy to use and it’s been the best online one I’ve come across.

All Lara intimates are made to order to minimise wastage. They do keep a few items in stock in their most popular sizes and colours. The maximum wait time for these made to order intimates is around 6 weeks.

I’ve been wearing this set so much that I’m going to order the same bra in black with all 4 bottom options because I’m seriously obsessed!!!!! I can’t wait to see what colours, styles and sizes that they will bring out next, I’ll be eagerly waiting and wearing my current Lara sets to death.

Elly x

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