Lovehoney lingerie

I don’t usually review cheaper lingerie. Maybe that’s me being a snob. I just don’t buy cheaper lingerie anymore. But when lovehoney approached me last year I was curious. Curious about the brand and about the quality. I will review them like I would any of my luxury purchases in the way of price vs what you get.

So these products were sent to me free of charge but all opinions are my own as always.

So Lovehoney is a brand I wouldn’t normally purchase from. Yes that’s me being a snob as well as I’m probably in a different place in my lingerie journey. It’s e-commerce site is functional and does the job, but it doesn’t have the cohesiveness and cleanness that I’ve come to expect. I totally understand why this is, it’s not a luxury brand so presentation isn’t as important.

The packaging it comes in is just a plastic slip, again I expected this as it’s in a very accessible price range. As far as size ranges go it’s a pretty standard Small, Medium and large. They also have some plus size lingerie and that is available in 1x to 4x. The price range starts from around $10 up to $110 for a more detailed style.

One thing to note is that they have e-commerce sites for Australia, America and Europe. The shipping within Australia is so fast! It’s the quickest I’ve ever come across so that really impressed me. I received the Parisienne set in wine size medium and the midnight soirée suspender body which is one size fits all scenario.

I wasn’t sure at all how these sizes would work on me. The Parisienne set I thought the bra back would be huge but the cups workable and I thought the suspender knickers would fall down almost instantly I attached stockings. I was super surprised to find out that suspender knickers stayed up perfectly well with actual stockings, no need for stay ups.

The bra is far too small in the cup and big in the back. I’d definitely say that the bra isn’t fuller cup friendly but it’s workable as a bedroom only piece as it was intended. All of lovehoney products are for bedroom use, I think all the lingerie is crotchless except for a few of the guest brands. This isn’t to say you can only wear it in the bedroom but for me I’d have to layer both the top and bottoms as not to expose myself during the day. The products are mostly made up of stretch lace which is super comfortable to wear as well as easier to fit to a range of body shapes and sizes.

The all in one suspender body I love and everyone else must as well as it’s now sold out. It’s pretty much fully adjustable and the cups actually fit me!!!! I’m guessing that if you are an A or B cup in the smaller size range that this style won’t work all that well for you.

I found this range to be the most visually interesting out of all the options. It’s actually pretty comfortable to wear as well. This style I have worn out and about and it’s held up quite well. I don’t think it would hold up to regular everyday wear but it performed well as an occasion piece. One thing that was irritating was the neck piece, particularly around the closure. The stitching was quite messy and therefore rough and it did cause a bit of discomfort throughout the day. It is detachable I discovered at the end of the day so next I might just wear the collar attached for photos.

Every strap is adjustable.

Overall I’m impressed with the quality at the price point. There sizing went as well as expected, it’s definitely for the core size customers. I do quite enjoy having separate lingerie for the bedroom I think they cater for it very well. Sturdy enough to wear all day but not overly expensive so as to not mind when it’s ripped off at night.

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