Amaella Review

It’s hard to find truly ethical lingerie companies. A lot of indie designers hardly pay themselves a living wage and that is far from ethical. Amaella are doing things different and it shows. This company has sent me these products free of charge, my opinions are completely my own and slightly delayed. Sorry amaella!!!!!!!!

Amaella is an English based brand but their products are manufactured in Portugal. The one thing I love about them is how open they are. If you follow them on instagram you will see regular posts behind the scenes, where their products are manufactured and all about their supply chain.

I was sent the organic cotton seamless knickers and bralette, both in a size medium. They retail for around $150 AUD. The knickers come in sizes XS-XL and the bralette in S/M/L. According to the size chart the bralette is best suited to a bra size 36B. I assume you all know this already but I’m far from a 36B. In my opinion this could fit 28FF/30F/32E/34DD comfortably. I’m currently a 28G and I wore this comfortably all day. Yes it not THE perfect fit for my size but it works. It’s important to note that you can wear this bralette militiaman ways. You are able to cross over the straps at the back to suit racer back tops by simply unhooking the rose gold tone hardware and attaching them to the opposite side.

The material is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled elastin. This is also the most comfortable material I have ever worn. I know the price might seem a lot higher compared to your average bralette set, but you really can tell the difference in the material. Also it’s nice to know no one had to suffer for your lingerie.

I have worn these items so much!!! They are perfect for Australian summer and they are also perfect for travelling as they are so light and comfortable. The briefs in this collection are the real hero piece. It’s a particular combination of elements that makes them perfect but impossible to find. Thank god Amaella has made them because I was sick of searching. These are made of the same material, the GOTS organic cotton and recycled elastin and they are seamless!!!!! Not kinda seamless but actually. They hug your body perfectly and don’t leave any marks on the skin. I’ve worn them under tight dresses, white linen pants and white dresses and they have been invisible underneath. I avoid seamless underwear most of the time because they are usually made of nylon. These undies take the grossness out of seamless underwear and actually are an enjoyable experience to wear. It is two layers of the fabric so they feel secure but not bulky and there is no extra gusset lining as it’s unnecessary as they are cotton. I think that’s why they are so enjoyable to wear as there is no added bulkiness in that area.

They are well worth the hefty price tag, I haven’t experienced such luxury in basics before and come across such a considered ethical products from conception to design.

I can’t wait for their new collection to drop, I’m really hoping they bring out a 5 pack In all basic colours for these knickers. They are truly my favourite and I need more!

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