Avocado lingerie reviews

You read that title right, multiple reviews in one little blog post! As you may know, Avocado is a favourite brand of mine when I’m looking for supportive but still beautiful fuller bust bras. I’ve purchased from them a few times in the past but these two sets were gifted to me by the brand.

I was sent the Misia HCQ bra and briefs and the Silk Gardenia HCQ bra and briefs. Both bras are a 60G and briefs are both medium.

Visually I liked these bras when they arrived, but when I tried them on I loved them, especially the Gardenia bra. I thought at first that it may seem like too much coverage. Combined with the beige/gold tone I thought it might look a bit too old for me. Goes to show that Anna from Avocado knows what will suit me better then I know myself! The golden tones work perfectly with my skin to work as a perfect beige everyday bra. It’s the fanciest everyday bra but I’m calling it an everyday bra because I want to wear it all the time! It fits me perfectly, the embroidery is beautiful, it’s supportive and it gives a great shape. It’s also super comfortable. What more could you want from a bra?

The matching briefs are a bit big for me. They wouldn’t be my first choice of style of bottoms but they are functional and comfortable but if I dare say it, slightly daggy. What makes them not so perfect for me is the amount of beige coverage.

The second set fits very differently even though they are the exact same size. The briefs sit a bit lower and definitely feel small on me. The bra is a bit bigger in the cups as well. The reason for this I believe is the difference in materials used. With the first set the embroidery is very full and very ridged. This set is made of a very fine mesh and delicate lace so it has more give in it. It also doesn’t quite have the same construction as the first bra. What I mean by that is in the gold bra the embroidery goes all the way up to the shoulders providing extra lift. The taupe bra does have this feature but the materials don’t have the same strength or rigidity. This is why it feels less supportive even though technically they are the same type of cup.

The shape of avocado bras really work for me. The wires are quite narrow and they work well for my close set breasts. There is enough depth in the bottom of the cups, something that can be a struggle to find with other brands.

So if I measure myself and go by Avocados size chart technically I should be ordering a 65F. I’m in between bra band sizes and the advice is to size up. I go for a 60G as I find the bands can run slightly larger. This is not something I would recommend doing unless you like your bra band quite firm.

These sets from avocado will set you back around $150-$180 AUD each. I know that may sound like a lot, but cost per wear they are my cheapest bras. They are specifically a fuller bust brand and they offer over 50 sizes which is a huge achievement for a brand of this size.

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