Lara Intimates, The Ava review.

Lara has long been on my Wishlist of lingerie brands to try. Sadly for me and all my bigger busted babes, up until the end of last year they were only catering to the small back and core sized market. Luckily for me this brand took a chance and expanded their size range quite extensively so I was able to finally purchase something after browsing for a year.

I purchased the Ava bra in the limited edition lilac in a 28G and the high waisted briefs in a small. I was tossing up between two styles for my first purchase from Lara. The other option I was seriously looking at was the wren bra.

The main thing that first drew me to this brand is the fact that it is an ethical and sustainable brand. All products are made by a small team in their studio in London. The fabrics which they use are all dead stock fabrics that otherwise would go to landfills. They generally are only made to order with a few key items in stock and ready to ship. It may take longer for your order to arrive when it’s made just for you but this avoids having the issue of over stocking. When you see big clearances in fashion, it’s because they had to make enough to fill the shop floor, knowing most of it will go to clearance, then the outlets and if it never sells it gets incinerated or sent to landfill. Pretty wasteful way of producing right?

I’m getting distracted here but the reason I love this business model apart from the obvious is that it makes us more considered consumers. You plan ahead, you save up and you avoid that instant gratification. If you really want it you can wait for it.

So I’ve waited a long time for this set! It actually didn’t take long to make and be sent from London to Sydney, it was under 6 weeks. So here are my thoughts.

For a brand that is only fairly new, my first impression of the quality was fantastic. Everything was very neat and tidy. I was surprised how light the mesh was. It literally felt like I wasn’t holding anything. The fabric against the skin was even better, like wearing nothing at all. The briefs are a dream to wear, I don’t have a bad word to say about them. The bralette I’m slightly disappointed in but I’ll tell you in full detail why.

First of all I should have ordered a 28H. Lara intimates uses its own sizing system so it’s very important that you check your measurements and their sizing system before you order. It’s very easy to use and is one of the best online sizing calculators I’ve used. Technically I measure for a 28G in Lara but I think this style in particular came up small in the height of the cups for me as well as slightly in the cup width. I don’t find this style particular supportive even though the band fits well. It’s better than some bralettes I’ve tried but because the mesh is so soft it doesn’t have the uplift and support I would like. It’s great for lounging but after a full day of work and walking around I could tell it wasn’t going to be replacing my regular bras. One other slight issue I had was with the depth of the cups. There is no division or uplift. I’m sad to say I’ve had better luck with an off the rack bralette in a regular medium.

It’s not a bad bralette, it’s just not what I was expecting. I would like to see more depth in the cup area, but as I’m not technically trained in lingerie pattern making I’m not even sure if that’s possible. Again if you are using dead stock fabric you don’t have as much choice with what materials you work with. The mesh is beautifully soft to wear but it lacks the support of a more ridged mesh.

If I was to purchase again I’d definitely go for a different style. I think the straps are too narrow if you have a bigger bust to be truly comfortable. One plus side of the straps is that you can wear them normally or as a racer back. I know a lot of fuller busted babes look for thinner straps in bras so they can wear them easier with clothes. If you are one of those people, this is the bralette for you!

I look forward to seeing how Lara intimates progresses. They have a lot of positive feed back from customers and I’d love nothing more than to see this brand do well.

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