Ellesmere Mint Julep Review

This is a brand I have reviewed before so I’m going to say up front that I love this brand and I bought this set with my own money.

I’ve previously reviewed a bodysuit by Ellesmere that they sent me for the purpose of a review which you can read here. Ever since then I’ve wanted to try one of their full sets. Now I’ve worn and washed it a few times I’m going to share my thoughts!

So I ordered the mint Julep set in size 30F bra, medium brief and size small in the suspenders that come with detachable leg harnesses. There is also a bralette and high waisted brief available in this range. I ordered the brief according to my measurements on the size chart and they fit perfectly. I couldn’t find a size chart for the suspenders so it was a bit of a guess. Luckily everything did fit but if you are unsure you can enquire on the website and receive fit advice. The first thing I noticed when unwrapping the package, was how light everything felt. The lace and mesh seem very delicate but wearable. When I tried them on they felt as light on the body as the did when unwrapping them.

All the products are made in an Atelier in Montreal. I was really impressed with the quality of sewing and how well finished the product was. The one thing that I felt let it down was the elastics used on the leg harness. Perhaps they are just too small for me, but I felt they dug in to my leg, that the elastic wasn’t soft enough. The same elastic is used for the bra straps but I didn’t have a problem with that. I’m hoping that in time the elastic may soften on the leg harness. I’m realistically going to be wearing the 4 strap suspender with stockings attached more often then the harness so this isn’t really a problem for me but something to consider.

My bra size is constantly fluctuating but I find this bra can accommodate it because of the shape and materials. The top of the cup is quite open and not super firm so its good if your cup size fluctuates but not if you are naturally top heavy. If I had the option I would have ordered this in a 28 band but unfortunately for us smaller back girls, ellesmere starts at a 30. I still think the band comes up big for a 30 but it is wearable.

I usually avoid briefs like this, but I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable they were. I was also surprised to find that they don’t give horrendous VPL, mostly because of the mesh back. One good thing about a bikini brief paired with a suspender is that it is visually appealing. You don’t lose the detail of the suspender by covering it up with a high waisted underwear which is something I’m guilty of doing a lot.

Overall I love this set, its one of my favourites to wear as its so comfortable and light I forget I’m wearing it. It’s perfect for summer. I’m really looking forward to purchasing my next set from Ellesmere.

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