What Katie Did New and Improved Bullet Bra.

What Katie Did was kind of my first lingerie love. I can’t remember exactly how I came across them but it was pretty much love at first sight. The mix of vintage inspired lingerie and cool corsetry had me hooked and it’s an addiction I’m not planning on kicking soon. There has been some ups and downs with this love affair as there is with any. Fit issues mainly. But every season I find I reason to purchase something from WKD and it’s no different this time.

When I saw that there would be a curve bullet bra, I went straight to the website to pre-order. I’ve tried two of their bras in the past, but never the bullet bra. These bras have been good to me but there were always small things that could be improved.

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So what I’m wearing now is the new and improved bullet bra! It’s still based off a vintage design, but it has been improved with modern pattern grading and technology to fit a wider scale of busts with a more accurate fit. Having never tried the original Bullet bra I can not compare the finer points. But the main difference? I’m wearing a 30E and all my other bras from WKD are a 32DD. This definitely feels more supportive and I find my boobs actually fit into the point of the bra, where’s before because of lack of depth in certain areas of the bra I couldn’t fit into it well enough. There wasn’t enough room around the point of the bra to actually get into it. Now it seems this problem has been fixed! At least in this particular bra.


The band is perfectly firm with little to no stretch. The straps are the perfect length for me. And best of all? This ain’t just a pretty bra, it’s fully functional and can support my boobies. I do get a few weird looks when I wear this bra, but it’s all part of the appeal, I feel like a 1950’s pin-up. The back is cut quite low which I prefer. It means it works under low back dresses but it doesn’t compromise on the support for this size. This bra doesn’t have any wires or boning, its purely made out of satin, elastic, hardware and stitching. I do find it comes up quite high under the arm, but because there is not boning or wires, it avoids the pain usually associated with that feature.

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Because of the improved fit and design, this bra is far more comfortable than my previous ones. The straps no longer dig into my shoulders because the band is snug and the cups have stopped bunching up around my rib cage.  It also goes with almost anything I put with it. It has the dramatic shape, but because of the black satin material it compliments much of my existing lingerie both modern and retro. If black isn’t your thing, there is also the Harlow bullet bra that comes in a glorious peach sateen.

Every time I look at the WKD website I’m astounded by how affordable the prices are. I know we all have differing opinions of what’s affordable but for a small independent company to continually produce new ranges in more and more sizes is fantastic. This bra cost me $50 AUD. there isn’t a physical store I can walk into and buy any bra in my size for that price (there might be one or 2 but I’d have to look really hard). To find a genuine vintage bullet bra anywhere near my size is even harder.


Its taken awhile for me to write and post this review as I’ve had mixed feelings about it. I really do love WKD and I hate to say anything negative but it would be dishonest if I didn’t. The problem is, I wouldn’t recommend wearing this bra for any long periods of time. I wore this for 16hrs one day and at the end of it, I had welts on my collarbones. It was partly caused by the straps being a smidge too tight, lots of movement throughout the day, but also where the strap has been sewn together. For me it just hits the wrong point, it’s not noticeable when I normally wear this bra but after 12hrs I could not not feel it. It’s just something to consider when purchasing this bra. The fit is great and it is comfortable to wear, just not for a long day. For me it now firmly sits in the wearable fashion items box.

Just a quick bit about the other WKD lingerie I’m wearing. The Maitresse Nouveau Knickers is a WKD size 10 which is meant to be an equivalent of a modern size 8. If find these very roomy. If you are in between sizes for this style, I would size down. Same with the 6 strap suspender belt. It stays in place no problem, but I like my suspenders to be tight so when they eventually stretch out I can still wear them.


Happy shopping!


E x



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