Introducing Overture Lingerie

Whenever there is a new lingerie brand I get very excited. Now imagine that excitement when I find out that new brand is a small band/fuller bust specialist based in the UK. Overture lingerie is a boutique London based brand that has just launched.

They specialise in band sizes 26-34 and cup sizes F-HH. While that may not seem like a very large size range, for a small brand it is a huge investment to create 30 sizes. They have launched with two colour ways, with a brief and thong as well as a robe. Overture is definitely a luxury brand but the attention to detail in design is well worth the price tag.

I was gifted the thong in a size 16 and the bra in a 32HH in the Espresso range. I’m definitely more of a size 16/18 so the thong is a bit on the small side but definitely wearable. One thing you should know about this brand is that it is manufactured in Poland. If you are well versed in the bra world you’ll know what that means straight away.

For those that don’t know, Polish bras are known for their narrow wires and deep cups giving a much more lifted silhouette. It is the opposite of a minimising effect and its great if you are looking for a rounded shape.

Comparison of wire shape between Overture and Panache. Overture wire finishes at the same point but follows the natural shape of the breast root more.

So lets be honest, this brand is all about the bra, the knicker and robe make a nice outfit but the bra is the star of the show. It’s made from Bespoke Swiss embroidery and has non stretch silk straps. It’s finished with rose gold hardware that is very subtle.

Here I’m wearing the initial bra in a 32HH.

It has an Illusion cup, a 3 part invisible tulle base layer overlayed with two part cup of the abstract Swiss embroidery. It also has a sling made of the same illusion tulle to help with forward projection. This bra has used a balconette wire but has a 1cm illusion drop so it looks more plunging than it actually is. The lower embroidery gives the wearer the option to wear more open necklines with only the invisible tulle on display.

Full disclosure, I was sent a bigger bra after wearing the first bra a few times. I found I needed more space mostly in the height of the cup and the 34HH which has been modified into a 32J gives me better results. Unfortunately I still had the same issue with this bra so we decided to try the other colour way in the modified 34HH=32J. Something I didn’t realise while looking on the website is that the tulle between the different styles is different. The tulle on the black bra is much softer. It great for those who find tulle can be a bit scratchy or irritating. Unfortunately if you are a bigger cup size like me it doesn’t offer the support that is needed and can easily be stretch and warped out of shape.

32J in the affogato range

Something I would change is the overlocking of the tulle cup. It faces outwards but because of where my tissue sits in the bra it shows on the espresso range. The reason its not this way is so its smooth against the skin. So no irritation from the stitching. One other thing I’d change is the straps or more specifically the length/adjustability. I find the neckline appears quite long without the amount of tension that is need from the straps so it can appear to gape.

One aspect that I really love about this bra is how light it is. It’s something very unexpected for a fuller bust bra, as some can resemble scaffolding. When I first unboxed it I thought there was no way something so delicate could hold up my boobs. It really does achieve the mission the brand set out to do, a bra you can forget you are wearing all day yet luxurious enough to wear out again all night.

The thong is simple but comfortable

I’ve worn both styles of bras a number of times and there really is a large difference between colour ways. The bigger the cup I’d definitely go for the lighter colours, if a smaller cup size the espresso will work well. I’m actually very surprised how much I’ve worn the lighter colour bra. Those colours are not normally my first choice but it has been so nice to wear and I’ve ended up preferring the embroidery.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Overture Lingerie

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  1. Lovely set my dear! I prefer the beige colour set on u, but somehow I really enjoy the knickers in black.

    Wow! I did not know there was such a difference in the wiring! I thought all bra’s had a universal wiring construction. I can see the difference just as u said. Narrow wires make a difference in giving u that boost and more defined curvature around your boobs! 💋


  2. I was researching about bra tulle. I did not know this type of fabrique served a purpose in luxury lingerie as a breathable, stretchy, and a stable fabrique. Did not know it can eventually stretch and become warped out, also! I thought it was to diffuse the transparency of shear bra. I am happy u found another brand that has your sizes in both bra and thongs!👍💋


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