Studio Pia – Naga Review

These items were purchased by myself, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

It’s hard to believe Studio Pia has only been around for 5 years. With a strong brand identity and a commitment to sustainability, they have found a loyal legion of fans across the world. And It’s easy to see why. Easy fit sizing, the use of peace silk, iconic embroidery and unusual colours, there is something that would appeal to nearly every luxury lingerie consumer. I’ve purchased from studio pia multiple times at full price and in the sales, directly from them and through select boutiques that have stocked them. This order in particular was via the wonderful Garnet District.

Suspender styled as a harness brief.

I had this ordered in for me in sizes 9 for the bra and Large for the thong and suspender as these are my usual sizes. It’s important to note that this version of this set is the new and improved version. The bra is now a 3 part cup compared to the original version which was only a 2 part. The 2 parts are still in some boutiques across the world and on resellers pages online so make sure if you are on the top end of the size chart that you get the 3 part, the fit is much much better.

The thong fits very true to size and there is no diversion from how all their thongs fit. The suspender does feel slightly bigger in this style compared to some of my others ones. There isn’t much to be said about the suspender and thong as they are classic silhouettes from studio pia so they are as expected.

Here you can see the suspender is tightened as far as it can go.

The bra on the other hand is quite different to styles I have had previously from them. I do have a longline bra from them previously but it was in silk and the cradle of the bra was lacking as was the depth in the cups. This bra the cradle has improved greatly and the 3 part cup has created more depth so the wires can sit flatter. The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and they are also detachable at the back to change it from regular shoulder straps to cross over ones. The 3 part cup is very delicate. The top of the cup uses clear elastic tape to keep the embroidered edge in place. The cradle and the lower parts of the cup are lined in a very fine tulle.

Fine mesh reinforces most of the bra.

It is key to mention, technically I’m two cup sizes bigger than what this bra can fit. It is the life of a big boob owner trying to squeeze into the luxury lingerie that’s available. Trying this bra on and taking photos was great but wearing it out for a day was torture.This it wasn’t anything to do with it being too small. It was to do with the boning used.

With long line bras you do have to use boning most of the time to keep the band in place, otherwise it tends to roll up. The problem is boning In the wrong place or placed in the wrong direction can be very painful to wear, especially on bigger sizes. If you have protruding ribs or belly I’d warn against wearing this for any long period of time or if you expect to bend or sit at all.

I’m not a stranger to bra injuries but this was next level discomfort.

Another thing I will note is that I thought the proportion of the set was a bit off. I think it’s perhaps because I have seen so many beautiful people wear it but without even realising they were all wearing very small sizes. It hadn’t even crossed my mind but obviously the scale of embroidery looks different when the body wearing it is bigger. I felt like it looked messier and less obvious, like the snakes got lost on me. I do also think this set would benefit from a highwaisted thong. Because the suspender and thong are so small and sparse on embroidery, the longline bra seems quite unbalanced and too heavy when worn together.

Overall it’s a beautiful set and definitely one for any lingerie addicts collection but I wouldn’t want to wear it for any long period of time unfortunately. Great for photos and short wear or all day wear if you have a straighter body shape.

7 thoughts on “Studio Pia – Naga Review

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  1. That is STUNNING!!

    Looks amazing on you. Bummer it’s uncomfortable for you, though.

    I hope you’re still enjoying London. I hope you have aircon. My friends are all complaining 🤦‍♀️🤣 however I think now it’s back to normal?

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  2. A bit style over substance then, unfortunately. My partner has a similar shape to you, so I pay close attention to your recommendations 😊


  3. You’ve really hit the nail on the head with the observation about balance. This is something that has really bothered me with some SP designs, but I don’t think I had ever consciously appreciated the problem.
    Great to hear about the 3-piece cup fit notes. Can I ask what you thought of the wires? I’ve struggled with needing a larger cup size with smaller wires, leading to an overall underwhelming fit.


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