I feel like a fraud…


Every time I write ‘fuller bust’ I cringe. Not because there is anything wrong with being fuller bust or small bust or no bust for that matter. It’s just I don’t see myself that way. Maybe it’s the years of being put into the wrong size bras (34d) I always seem to see myself as within the core size ranges. And I’m not really.  I’m starting to realise slowly that I definitely need a 30 band sometimes even a 28 and that there is nothing wrong with that. But I still feel like I’m lying to myself, that I’m forcing myself into bras that don’t fit me when really they are the best sizes for me.

I recently ordered from a Polish fuller bust brand. When it arrived I took one look at it and my heart sank. I was thinking that after I took my measurements 100 times I’d got it wrong. This beautiful bra looked way too big to ever fit me. So I put off trying it on for a few days until I had worked out if I could exchange it. I’d worked myself into a state all over the size of a bra, I had thought that I had ordered a cup size too big and that I was kidding myself that I would ever fit into it. Then I tried it on. And it’s pretty much perfect….

Does anyone else suffer from this weird psychological battle of bra sizes? I know that a bra size doesn’t define me but I think it’s more the labels that are associated with them. I look at other people in the full bust market and I’m just like “yep I don’t belong”. Even people I know always assume I am a very different size than what I am and for some reason it offends me.

Labels in general suck. It may be helpful in a search engine and for marketing but not much else.

What are your thoughts on belonging to a certain ‘group’ in a lingerie sense? Do you like retro lingerie but don’t fit the pin up mould? Like wearing bralettes and you’re a 34H? Or like me do you suffer from stupid thoughts about size when really IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!???? Leave a comment below.


E x

8 thoughts on “I feel like a fraud…

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  1. Oh my god, yes! I’m a 30E or 28F and I always think no I’ll just wear a 32DD I can’t really be that small but fuck a 32 really is far too loose 😦 and SO many women i fit think they’re like, 14c and are really a 12DD etc. like we’re conditioned to think we’re much bigger than we really are 😦

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    1. It’s also about awareness and the sizes being stocked. It’s great to get measured properly but then most shops don’t stock a large range of sizes even if the brands make them. So we are pushed into what’s available and told it’s good enough. Don’t know what we would do without online shopping!


    2. You guessed this article is about me. Even I go to the shop or do it online I always think it is my size or not, and than I think that I too big for this bra, but when I try it on it looks great, but it doesn’t seem that I stop to think that I big. Problem of my life.


  2. I can totally relate to this! So happy to find someone I can identify with. Being that I am a 30E it would always be more convenient if I fit into a size that was stocked in most stores or even more widely known about, same with my customers. Obviously the convention of sizing is necessary but it does generate a certain complex when its outside of the norm. It can sometimes be hard to remember that size is just a number and true fit is what matters.

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  3. I believe I’m in a state of denial most of the time. I look at gorgeous bralets & think for some reason it might ~just~ fit. (They never do!) I look at H cup bras & laugh because my head can literally fit inside one cup. (It does!) I was offered a free J cup bra once (which did fit), but declined as I didn’t want to be ~that size~. I know it’s just a letter & it’s not relevant to your self worth. But I honestly do still find myself in a constant state of denial… This makes me sad. But it’s true.

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