If I had a million dollars……

This is my ever evolving wish list. Join me in fantasy land where we all wear THE most amazing lingerie all the time.



Catherine D’Lish Cassandra gown.


High on many addicts wish lists, I don’t think I need to explain why.


Butress and Snatch


High waisted undies, multi size range inclusive and you get to look like Minnie mouse. Whats not to love?

Edge o Beyond


The Tamia set is what lingerie dreams are made of. I’m getting magical mermaid vibes from this set. It’s very opulent and the price reflects that.

Harlow and Fox


There is nothing I love more than matching sets. and when that set has a matching robe my dreams come true. It’s so hard to find full matching sets in the fuller bust market that are luxurious and practical beyond the bedroom.

Tisja Damen


I literally want everything from this collection. I’m hoping this is the one brand I will actually save up for one day and splurge on.


This is my updated list for 2017 as I did end up purchasing many of the previous items. The list this year however is very far out of my reach so mostly will remain in my daydreams.




So if anyone has a spare million they want to share with the lingerie community let me know! OK back to reality now….



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