Coco’s Retro Closet Y strap suspender review

This review is long overdue. I’ve only had a blog for a month but I’ve been dying to tell anyone who cares how amazing this suspender is for over a year! I first came across this brand thanks to The Nylon Swish. I’m obsessed with her blog and shop but when I saw her wearing one of Coco’s belt I knew I had to have one too!


I ordered the Y-strap suspender belt in a size small via Etsy and I received it sooner than I was expecting for something that is made per order. I think I paid around $90 at the time for the item and postage. I know that seems expensive for a suspender belt but it’s truly worth it. You have to remember that it’s handmade by one Woman (Goga) in Croatia with the best materials.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Extreme close up of those Y-straps.


The fit of this belt is perfect. Even after a year of wearing this at least once a week, it still fits almost as it did on the first wear. It has stretched out a tiny bit but that is the nature of elastic when it’s washed and worn. It is made up with 7 panels so it gives a really good fit and closes with 3 rows and 2 columns of hooks and eyes so it feels very secure on. All of the metal teeth on the suspender straps are still in perfect condition as are the cloth backs of the clips. Also when I wear this there are no itchy spots! Sometimes I find a tag can irate me or the stitching on the seams rub but it has never happened once with Coco’s products!  I sometimes forget that I am wearing this suspender because it is so comfortable and I never have to adjust it.

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What I call metal teeth. So much better than sliders, they don’t move an inch!

The one thing I must warm you about is just the general style. If you are used to modern lingerie, this may not be the perfect suspender for you. It is near impossible to wear your normal low-rise undies over this belt. You can wear them under but it’s less practical. If you wear taps pants or high-waisted underwear or none at all, then this will work well. Feels a tad obvious to say but it ain’t called ‘Retro’ for nothing.

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For the purpose of this review, I am wearing the suspender over the knickers so you can see more of it.

This suspender (along with the rest of them from Coco’s Retro Closet) gives me a great streamlined shape and really hugs your curves without cutting in. It has just the right amount of depth and strap adjust-ability from 11” to 12.5” with the strap’s at the longest. This style in particular will show up under really tight clothing mostly because of the Y suspender straps but also because of the thickness of those straps. They measure 6/8” which isn’t the thickest I’ve come and is fairly standard in retro lingerie but it’s definitely more substantial than what you can find in your average stores.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
The shape of the suspender from the back. As you can see I’m wearing it at its tightest.


This style is available in a great range of sizes from XS (20”-23” waist) up to 4XL (50.5”-55” waist).

XSmall (waist 20″-23″, 50-60 cm)
Small (waist 23″-28″, 60-72 cm)
Medium (waist 28″ – 33″, 72-84 cm)
Large (waist 33″-38″, 84-98 cm)
XLarge (waist 38″-43″, 98-109 cm)
XXLarge (waist 42.5″-47″/ 108-119 cm)
3XLarge (waist 46.5″-51″/ 118-129 cm)
4XLarge (waist 50.5″-55″/ 128-139 cm)

Prices do vary between sizes. Starting price is $65 and goes up to $73 Aud + postage.


Overall this is one of the best pieces of lingerie I own and I think my cost per wear must be below $1 by now. I highly recommend you check out Goga’s shop yourself as there are a variety of options of styles, colours and straps available!


Suspender worn with lingerie from JPG for Target and Voodoo backseam stockings. All products have been purchased with my own money and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Are you seriously telling me that the lovely retro rose coloured bra your wearing if from target? Big ‘super store’ target? We need this magic in Europe.


      1. That’s incredible! I fear it now may become my white whale!
        Also, I liked your review, particulary that you pointed out how it doesn’t really go with modern underwear, much as I love the lingerie of the Nylon Swish it doesn’t quite fit in with my lifestyle. So thank you for pointing that out.


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