Loveday London Leandra Review


I’ve been obsessed with Loveday London for a while. But like a lot of people, it’s out of my price range. So when I saw that the set that I had been lusting over go on sale I quickly handed over my money. I purchased the brief in a medium and suspender in small from coco-de-mer. Unfortunately they had sold out of my size in the bra so I purchased that full price in a large direct from the Loveday London website.

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Love a good box.

My parcel from coco-de-mer was processed and dispatched in an hour and arrived a couple of days later in Australia. Plain packaging and free delivery always score high in my book but I was really impressed with how fast it was. The bra took awhile longer from Loveday London. It was 6 days from when I placed my order to when I received an email saying my order was complete and then another 6 days for the package to arrive. But when it did arrive it was in a beautiful box wrapped in tissue paper with all the trims.

The Leandra set is made from luxury materials and is made in the UK. It features lambs leather, Italian lace, silk tulle and gold-plated hard wear.

Aesthetically I love this set. In a practical sense I hate it. I know this is a boudoir brand and that being practical is probably low on their priorities. But it annoys me greatly (to put it politely) that the f*#&:£g suspender looks and feels like it will break if I move too fast, let alone any hardcore romance that may take place. Yes the materials are lovely and luxury and it’s a big plus that every piece is made in the UK. But if it’s barely wearable is it worth it? Just trying it on I managed to put a pull in the silk tulle even though I barley touched it. My main problem with the suspender is how the suspender straps are attached to the very fine silk tulle at the front. I feel this should have been reinforced somehow.

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So much tension on such delicate materials.

I was looking forward to wearing the bra and briefs after I got over the initial disappointment of the suspender. Unfortunately I was disappointed again. The bra actually adjusts really well for the band size. Unfortunately one of the cups is cut weird. The inner part of the cup is cut too big/too long so it won’t sit flush against the breast tissue. When I’m paying close to $300 for a bra I kind of expect it to fit better than my $5 ones. It’s also on the side of my smaller boob so it’s extra noticeable. I’m thinking of getting the cups altered if possible because it actually feels amazing on and the style is very cool. Even if I was just to wear this set for boudoir purposes I would still get it altered as there is nothing sexy about an ill-fitting bra. I think this bra would suit someone who is full on top with a lot of forward projection.

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The briefs would have been perfect if I had ordered my normal size. They looked small and very low-rise on the model so I thought they would run small. I was wrong and the medium is defiantly too big. Because I don’t have enough bum to fill them out, the leather sits awkwardly and sags. Although I must add that every time I try it on the fit gets a little better. Like the leather is moulding to me a bit more.

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Back view of the set

It’s sad to say this is the most disappointed I’ve been with any of my purchases. Maybe because I was so excited in the first place and had my expectations too high? Don’t get me wrong, I love it. The colour is vibrant, its comfortable and it has an exciting design. It just doesn’t sit well on my body. Trying to take photos was near impossible. I didn’t mean for this review to be negative but I try to be 100% honest at all times. I will continue to support Loveday London, but will in future just buy the ouvert bras to eliminate any cup size issues.




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