Sukki by Tutti Rouge review

The sukki bra has been high on my lust list since its release. This bra seemed to be the perfect addition to my lingerie wardrobe. It’s named after a mega babe. Winning. It features removable strappy detail so your bra can be work and date night appropriate. Winning. It also comes in a wide variety of sizes for the fuller bust market that I happen to fit into. Winning all round.

It seemed to be a bra made in lingerie heaven so when a deal appeared before Black Friday that included a free brief and free delivery I couldn’t say no! I ordered the bra in a 28F and it cost around $60 AUD.

It arrived quite fast considering the time of year. I was a bit disappointed with the overall packaging but at this price point you get what you pay for. I’ve seen a lot of babes totally rocking this bra but I’m sad to say this is not the bra for me. I’ve worn this bra 3 times before writing this review, hoping that I would change my mind over time. Sometimes a bra can relax and mould to your body after a couple of wears, but unfortunately that hasn’t been the case for this bra.

The bra itself is a beautiful 3 part cut and sew Moulded balconette. The style is a little bit vintage with a nod to the strappy trend so apparent in the lingerie industry for the last few years. I love the idea of removable straps but unfortunately I don’t think its been executed that well. The straps are one length and are not adjustable. The loop where you can add the extra straps is also frayed so I can never get the hook all the way through to stay in place. Something that I do love about this bra is the heart shaped sliders! It’s a very cute detail but I also love how easy it is to adjust them. I like to adjust my bra straps when I’m already wearing the bra, so by having them placed at the front it makes it so much easy to do so.

When it came to trying on this style and wearing it, I found it was a very odd fit. I’m not sure if I’m wearing the right size or if this is just totally to wrong shape for me but I have never experienced a worse fitting bra than this one. The cup is too shallow at the base of the bra, I have a fingers space of room between the wire and my breast root. I’ve readjusted myself until the cows came home but to no improvement. I checked the product photos on the Tutti Rouge website and it seems their model has the same issue leading me to believe that it is an overall product fit issue rather than an individual fit issue. The cup is quite deep in the centre and also quite open at the top. This is great if you are FOT but for me its a nightmare. Apart from that the gore tacked well and the wires felt like a suitable width for me.

After wearing this bra to work one day I swore to myself I would never wear it again. This has been the most painful bra I have ever worn. When I first tried it on the wires felt ok. By lunch time that day I wanted to rip it off and burn it. Unfortunately I can’t go braless at work and my bank account told me no shopping, not even in an emergency. The problem was the side boning and the wires under my arm pit. It felt like they were both about to poke through their casing and stab me in the ribs. I finally understood that feeling of relief at the end of the day when you take off your bra and slip into something a little more comfortable. I had a close look at the bra and found no major issue apart for the wires and boning being slightly too short for their casing. I wore this bra two more times on shorter work days with the same result of terrible discomfort. The only time I’ve worn this bra and it felt ok was when I was sitting at home for a couple of hours and not moving around much. I really wanted this bra to work for me but it wasn’t to be.

What about the free brief I hear you ask? Well unfortunately for me this offer was a complete fail. How the offer was advertised was “ free brief with any purchase”. To me this sounded like it was the matching brief to whatever you were buying. And I know a few other people read it that way. I guess this is a case of be specific about your offer to avoid customer disappointment. So I now have a useless purple brief and useless bra. They have learnt from their mistake and the offer after it specified if it was matching or not.

I know this sounds like I’m hating on tutti rouge. As I customer I am disappointed in a few aspects of the experience. Would I shop with them again? Probably not. I feel you can get better value for your money elsewhere. If you are fuller bust and can’t find a good strappy bra, I suggest wearing any bra you love and adding a harness over the top.

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