What Katie Did Corselette review

(Disclaimer; These items were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and as always, I’m 100% honest.)


When I was given the opportunity to try this corselette from What Katie Did I was initially apprehensive.  Not because I didn’t love the design, it was more that I didn’t think it would fit me well. With a corselette you not only have to take into consideration your bra size, but also height, body length and proportion. It’s not often I seek out styles like this. I only own 3 or 4 items of lingerie with the inbuilt cups that have fitted my body well as well as bra size. I was willing to try out this style as I’d been tossing up between this style and the Merry Widow for some time now. I ordered the corselette in the 32DD, briefs in a size 10 and the stockings in the S/M.

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This corselette has a few features that I’m really impressed about. Compared to my one other corselette I own, it is miles ahead in regards what is needed to make this a functional and beautiful piece of lingerie.  The bra part of this style has fully adjustable straps and the cups are made up of 3 parts.  The two lower parts of the bra are lightly padded to hold their shape, and the top part of the bra is the non stretch satin. The wire width is fairly standard, not to wide, not too narrow.  Because of the style of cup construction, it fits very well! Much better than a corselette with inbuilt moulded cups.  The six suspender straps are sewed on at a fixed length and are not adjustable. For me this isn’t an issue because of my height, but may be something to consider if you are on the shorter side. I always find with my vintage style lingerie, I need shorter stockings. You need to play around with different stocking length to find the perfect fit for these styles as having the right stockings on will help stop the girdle/corselette from rolling up or from stockings falling down. I find the stockings for What Katie Did in the S/M are the perfect length for me with these styles and they are just so easy and comfortable to wear! I forget that I’m wearing stockings and shapewear sometimes as I don’t have to adjust anything during the day. I know lots of people avoid wearing all in one styles because of bathroom issues, but it’s really as easy as unclasping the back two suspender clips and carrying on as normal.

Its all about that waist tape and smooth lines that create the perfect foundations for any dress.

The real standout detail of this style is the hook and eye closures! This may be a weird thing to get excited about normally but it makes it so much easier to wear! Not only is it easy to get on and off, by having the closures at the front it allows the back of this style to be higher and this results in the bra section fitting better. Basically the bra section acts like a normal bra would, its firm across the back and actually supports your boobs. There is also a swan hook in between the cups that is there so it can be fully undone from the front while keeping the bra cups functioning and comfortable. If hook and eyes sound like they would be uncomfortable, don’t worry, there is a modesty placket about 1.5cm wide that stops any flesh from spilling out and makes it super comfortable to wear.  The most surprising aspect of this style is that it has a waist tape! its something I wasn’t really expecting to notice but it really cinches you in. It acts like the top of a girdle would but without the displaced flesh spilling out of the top.

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If you are looking for the perfect foundations for a special event I would highly recommend this piece! Its perfect under wiggle dresses and it could easily be worn under certain styles of wedding dresses. I’m almost tempted to change my wedding dress just so I can wear this underneath. If you are looking for foundations that give the smoothest line under clothing then the corselette is for you. As much as I love a good girdle or suspender I find my displaced flesh around the stop of those items can be less than desirable sometimes.

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The corselette retails for $139 AUD and is available in black and peach as shown here! The stockings I am wearing are the latte glamour seamed stockings and they retail for $15 AUD.

Have you tried the Corselette from WKD? let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments!


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