Review: Karine by Playful Promises

If you follow me on Instagram or have read all of my blog posts (well done you), you may have seen that I have a bit of Playful Promises in my collection. There is a reason I keep going back. It’s playful (the hints in the name), fun, affordable, comfortable and it’s easy to buy online. They now even have a loyalty program so the more you buy the more points you earn which results in money off for you! The Karine  set has been kindly gifted to me by Play promises for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and as usual I’m 100% honest.

I was beyond excited when this came in the mail the other day I may even have let out a squeal of delight. This style is right up my alley. Black and gold lace? Check! Matching suspender? Check! Interesting design features? Check! When I tried it on it seriously fit perfectly, that’s always a nice surprise.

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The bra I received in a size 30E, and the suspender and knickers in an UK size 8. I was hoping that PP would continue doing 28 bands but I guess that they haven’t sold well enough to keep. I’m wearing my sister size and it fits perfectly in the cups and I’m wearing it on the tightest set of hook and eyes. The bra closes with 3 columns and 3 rows of hook and eyes and it feels very secure. The moulded cups are overlayed with the black and gold lace that continues up past the top of the cup. I love the effect of the lace on bare skin but do be warned if you’re nipples sit high, the metallic lace may cause irritation if you are particularly sensitive. My nipples sit quite high in this and while the lace isn’t itchy, I can feel that it’s there. I’m not sure what magic the pattern maker has weaved, but I love the shape of my boobs in this bra! I find plunge bras usually don’t work super well for me, flesh kind of just spills out if it’s soft. With this bra my boobs stay in place even when I bend over. I’ve found a few improvements in this style from their initial fullerbust collection. For one, the bra straps are thicker and plusher. Secondly the top of the bra isn’t as open so it works for those of us who are fuller on bottom or more evenly shaped. And lastly, they have used a wider and what appears to be stronger band elastic. All of this makes for a more wearable and longer lasting bra.

It’s all in the details.Thicker band elastic, Velvet bows, Gold tone suspender clips and the plush thicker straps.


The knickers are really cute with the skirted lace. The style of briefs isn’t my favourite, they appear to be super low-rise on myself. I would also say the front of the briefs are on the narrow side and in that respect they are very similar to the Tiah knickers from Kiss Kill. I generally go for something that sits higher but this style actually works really well with the suspender. The briefs are mostly composed of mesh so they are very comfortable and feel really light on. The suspender completes this set in my opinion. It makes it look better as a whole mainly because of the skirted lace. There has been improvements in the quality of the suspender as well. The fabrics used are a satin and there is also panels of mesh. The mesh used for this suspender is stronger than the mesh used in my previous suspenders from PP. There is also bones in this suspender which helps it stay up all day without being pulled down too much. The suspender straps are also longer in length this time. While that is an improvement, I’m a bit sad to see that they are skinnier as well. I feel it would match with the curve and fullerbust collection better with thicker straps. If you can only have one (because having both will increase the cost), being able to adjust the length of the straps is better.

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Great contrast of delicate black and gold lace with the lush velvet bow.

To say I’m happy about this set would be an understatement! I’m seriously in love I can’t decide if I want to wear this all the time or save it for a special occasions. Thanks to small improvements from Playful Promises you can do just that! I think this set would be perfect for Christmas, it’s festive without being cheesy and clichéd.

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The bra is $89 AUD, suspender $80 AUD and Briefs $45 AUD. While this isn’t cheap by most people’s standard it’s worth every penny. To have a set available is 3 different sizing categories is a tremendous feat that many huge lingerie companies have not accomplished. The quality and design have always been of a very high standard. Whats even better is seeing this company continually expanding their sizes ranges, improving fit and design all the while stay true to their aesthetic.


What do you guys think of this design and the improvements?


E. x

3 thoughts on “Review: Karine by Playful Promises

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  1. You look like someone from anime. Gold lace it is something new for me, I haven’t seen such
    design. I don’t like bras with too many laces, becouse the are cause itich and enoying me. This is my problem. I like the look of such bras, but can’t wear them. And about straps. I think if they be more thin, the bra wil look more gentle.


  2. I love that they’re constantly expanding their range of designs for bigger busts. They will certainly change the lingerie market the way they are going! It’s fantastic to watch it all unfold.


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