Review: Asteria by Bluebella MORE

This is a set it took me awhile to buy. I’m not sure why exactly as it had been high on my wishlist. This was going to be a cheaper better fitting version of Bordelle, a bra that I show off to the world in sheer tops and low back dresses. I finally decided to bite the bullet and ordered this set off ASOS when it went on sale. I purchased the bra in a 32E and briefs in a size 8 AU. I really wanted the matching suspender but decided against it as I thought it wouldn’t be firm enough to stay in place all day. The bra cost £22 and the briefs £11.

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Its all about the back details with this set.

When it arrived I knew immediately I had ordered the wrong size in the bra. The cups looked huge. I had spent 2 days trying to decide what size to order and I picked the wrong one! I did actually wear the 32E for a day and the fit was ok it was more just aesthetically I didn’t like the look of the wrinkly cups. So back to ASOS I went and ordered the 32dd. The new size fitted a lot better but there is still a little bit of wrinkle action happening on my smaller boob. This will always be an issue to some degree for most people as everyone has varying severity’s of asymmetry.

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Both cups seem to wrinkle a bit as I was moving around. The cups fit me but i don’t have much upper fullness.

Bluebella MORE has a size range starting at 32DD-38G and 8-18 in bottoms. While this is an impressive size range for their first foray into the fuller bust market, I wish they had included at least a 30 band and what would be even better is a 28 and 40. I understand why they haven’t/cant but that doesn’t stop me wanting! The 32DD fits OK. The extra strappy details that give this bra it’s appeal, hold it in place well compared to just a normal two strap bra of the same band size. The network of straps stops the band from sliding up a great deal throughout the day and the 3 rows and 3 columns of hooks and eyes makes it feel secure but not bulky. While the band on this is too big for me to be really supportive the weight is spread evenly across the 8 small shoulder elastics that replace the traditional thicker two. The weight is distributed without adding too much pressure to one particular spot. It helps that it looks pretty cool as well and that is its main function, to be a fashionable bra. The cups are made up of 3 parts with two layers of mesh. While this styles gives a gentle lift and shape it is overall let down by the quality of the finishes. There are a few loose threads on the bra and knickers as well as the gold O detail that has been sewn on crooked. This is an issue that can occur when the attention to detail isn’t extremely high. The cost of this bra is fairly reasonable and it would be unfair to expect perfection from a product that costs the same as my dinner. There is nothing functionally wrong with the bra but it does bring into question the longevity of each item.

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I have found the Asteria knickers true to size and extremely comfortable. I expected the elastics to dig into my hips more but they seem to be pretty much perfect. I was surprised that I didn’t have any VPL while wearing these knickers with jeans. Usually the edge of briefs tend to be quite bulky and firm and that’s why I mostly go for a thong when available, but these briefs are quite the opposite. I even forget that I’m wearing them and that can’t be said for a lot of briefs that are part of a matching set.

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All smooth back here.

I was drawn to this collection because of the design without even realising that it was for the fuller bust market. I’m not sure how many other potential customer have just assumed by looking at the imagery provide by Bluebella that this is just for core sizes. While I do hope they continue with the MORE range I also hope to see a few improvements. Size expansions are very important as is appropriate campaign imagery to sell the range and set it apart from their core collection. I feel like everything is almost right with this set it just needs some fine tuning.

E. x

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  1. I’d been eyeing off this set too. The strappy details & low price make it pretty appealing, unfortunately their MORE range, like many other full busted companies all stop at a G cup [sigh]


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