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Lara Intimates, The Ava review.

Lara has long been on my Wishlist of lingerie brands to try. Sadly for me and all my bigger busted babes, up until the end of last year they were only catering to the small back and core sized market. Luckily for me this brand took a chance and expanded their size range quite extensively... Continue Reading →

Introducing Saint Rule

Saint Rule is a brand new lingerie company out of Sydney. That isn’t a sentence I get to say a lot and I’m overly excited about it. Australia is a big country with a small population. For some unknown reason, Australians seem to really love Lingerie. Slowly but surely brands are appearing locally to quench... Continue Reading →

Attollo Lingerie

Attollo is a relatively new brand coming out of London. It was created because the founders themselves couldn’t find bras in their size that they wanted to wear. I know the feeling... Their aim is to give the fuller bust customer beautiful, uplifting affordable lingerie that you actually want to wear. So do I think... Continue Reading →

Lingerie Christmas gift guide 2018

If you are like me you’re surprised that Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you are buying something for your best friend, your lover or even your secret santa these are the items that will go down a treat. Accessible Not everyone is made of money but these lingerie related items will leave a... Continue Reading →

Ellesmere Mint Julep Review

This is a brand I have reviewed before so I’m going to say up front that I love this brand and I bought this set with my own money. I've previously reviewed a bodysuit by Ellesmere that they sent me for the purpose of a review which you can read here. Ever since then I’ve... Continue Reading →

A day in the life of a Lingerie Addict

Ever wondered what a day in the life of your average lingerie addict is like? Well some of you have. Be prepared for your illusions to be shattered, life in lingerie is really not all that glamorous darling.... 7am My alarm sounds waking me from my deep stupor. I reach for my phone looking to... Continue Reading →

Ellesmere Custom Bodysuit review

Ellesmere is a brand I noticed straight away. It’s imagery felt real and its lingerie beautiful. As I fell down the rabbit hole I also discovered that it was an ethical, approachable core size and fullerbust brand made in Montreal! It’s only been around for a year and a half, so don’t be surprised if... Continue Reading →

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