The bra I never thought I would buy.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself 30 minutes early for an appointment. I decided to take a look around at the local shops and what do you know, there was a lingerie store! It took me two walk by’s to pluck up the courage to go in. It was messy, it was busy and I loved it. I hate walking into somewhere that is like a museum, it’s too quiet and neat for me and puts me on edge. The best thing about actually going into a boutique is trying stuff on you never have the chance to! I was finally able to try a 28 band and after that, everything else I tried on felt too big.

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Andorra in all her glory seen here with What Katie Did tap pants.

The bra I ended up buying was the Panache Andorra in black. Unfortunately there were no matching knickers but I thought ‘whatever it’s black it will go with a lot!’ To be honest it’s not my favourite looking bra, it leans more towards grandma than chic. I think I only brought it because I was excited to find a 28 band and to support a local boutique however minor the purchase was.

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Decent sized sling for a 28ff

There isn’t a lot to be said about this bra that hasn’t been said before. It’s great if you fluctuate between sizes because it’s made of stretch lace. It gives a good shape thanks to the substantial side sling it just kind of pushes everything forward. The cups are made up of 3 parts. The bottom two parts have the stretch lace over a rigid mesh and the top part is just the stretch lace. The bra closes with 2 rows and 3 columns of hook and eyes in this size but goes up to 3 rows in the larger cup sizes. I personally prefer 3 rows of hook and eyes, I just feel more secure and I feel that it looks smoother under clothing so wish that it was 3 rows for all sizes.

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The back view of Andorra and it’s fully adjustable straps.

The gore tacks firmly and comes up quite high at 3 inches. That is to be expected for a full cup bra but it is the highest I have and took a little bit of getting used to.  I have this in a 28ff and I’m unsure if it’s my right size or if I’m just not suited to a full cup. On my bigger boob it fits really well but on my small boob I don’t fill out the lace at the top AT ALL. Might be because it goes boob, then bone. Like 0 top fullness. The boutique that I was at is discontinuing stocking Panache so I couldn’t try on many sizes to compare.

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I’ve had this bra for a while now, and I’m surprised how much I’ve actually worn it. I do have a lot of lingerie to choose from on a daily basis so I’ve surprised myself when I’m constantly reaching for the Panache Andorra bra. A lot of my love for this bra lies in its firm band and its stretch lace. It’s also the only full cup bra I own.  I’d never considered buying from Panache before I walked into that little boutique. I thought it wasn’t for me, too old and not fashion forward enough. I’m happy to report that I was very wrong in thinking it wasn’t for me. I’m now planning on buying another style from them, but hopefully this time with matching bottoms!

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Has anyone else changed their mind about a bra after getting to try it on? If you find the perfect fit, will you compromise on style?

E x

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  1. Gotta love the firmness of the Panache bands. They’re my favourite.
    I’m not a big fan of their full cup bras tho because of that high underwire. I can’t wear them all day long as it hurts my sternum too much. Never an issue with their balconettes.


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