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Back at the start of the year a certain look book was gaining a lot of attention from the lingerie community. I was one of many drooling over the exquisite lingerie from Freolic. Now to say that I was disappointed that I couldn’t purchase it straight away would be a gross understatement. But I guess it was a blessing is disguise as a couple of months ago I won the competition Freolic was running on Facebook. The prize was the luxurious Bianca bra and briefs. So me being me, I had to complete the set. I ordered the Bianca waspie using the 10% off code you get for signing up to their newsletter.


The size I ordered in the bra was 32dd and a small for the briefs and waspie. It’s always tricky ordering online and it was even harder ordering from a new brand as you have no sphere of reference for sizing or fit issues. So when my pretty white box arrived it was met with excitement and a little bit of fear. You know that fear? The fear of shit its expensive and so pretty please fit or I will cry😭💔

Zigzag lace and mesh on the Bianca waspie

I’m happy to report the briefs and waspie are a perfect fit and the bra almost so. I find the band has come up very big for me and I think it has to do with the fabric as well as a pattern issue. The fabric used is a very stretchy zig zag lace and mesh. It is buttery soft against the skin but it has a Lot more stretch than the heavier laces used in their iconic grace set. When the band isn’t tight enough a find the cups don’t sit flush against my breast tissue. Another aspect of this bra that some people may have an issue with is the adjustability of the straps. They don’t adjust a great length, for me this isn’t a problem but something to consider if you usually need to shorten your bra to the shortest length.

The amount of adjustability of the bra straps.

Something unique to Freolic is the microbead inserts for their bras. As someone whose cup size can fluctuate 2 cup sizes in a month, this detail is appreciated so I can actually wear it even on my smallest day! They really are the best removable padding I’ve come across. Virtually weightless and they mould easily to your shape while adding that little extra volume in a natural way. These little details are what sets them apart as a luxury brand.


My first thoughts on the waspie were ‘that’s not going to hold my stockings up’. with only 4 straps and the lightest material I was certain this would end up being a show only piece. I’ve now worn it for 2 full work days with RHT nylon stockings and I haven’t had to adjust it once! The cut on this waspie is sublime for me, the boning doesn’t dig in and small fits my 26 inch waist perfectly. The icing on the cake for the Bianca waspie is the rose gold hardware of the suspender clip that is free from annoying ribbons!!!!


The last aspect of this set is the brief. I’m not usually A brief girl, especially the low rise style. I prefer high waisted or thongs because I find most briefs cut into my gym adverse bum and hips. So imagine my surprise when they don’t do that! They are soooo comfortable and no quad but. This whole set is so comfortable I forget I’m wearing it. The sheerness of the fabric used in the Bianca set is great for my lifestyle and Australian summer.

This really is a brand I would recommend to someone whose is looking to purchase a quality product from a luxury brand. From good communication from customer service, speed of delivery, packaging and the lingerie itself it really is the whole luxury experience. Surprising from such a new brand I’m excited to see what they do next!


The Bianca range retails from £65 for the thong up to £96 for the bra.image

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  1. Gorgeous…I’m just starting to wear more lingerie and have been following your instagram…how is expensive are you finding international shipping?


    1. I always look for company’s that offer free shipping over a certain amount. It’s not too bad most of the time £15 is average for the uk to Australia. Don’t try order from Nancy Meyer this shipping was $80 to Australia 😬


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